February 2015 Neologicaltech Newsletter

February 2015 has been a fun month for meditation. Listen in to our two new guided neo meditations…

The first one will give you a chance to meet the God Ra in an ancient desert dreamscape and with his instructions insert you on a new parallel reality which vibrates at your own frequency.

The second meditation will introduce you to Confucius for some wise advice on releasing trauma and pain. Here you get to visit the magical gardens of the immortals while learning a technique to activate your 12 strand DNA.

To listen to these meditations please visit www.neomeditations.com

Why is meditation important? Imagine your life if it was full of joy, calmness, peace, vibrant health, and vibrant energy. With the help of meditation, you can enjoy all these benefits and much more. Meditation offers countless benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. Studies have shown that relaxation can improve the white blood cell count to help fight infection and reduce pain for cancer sufferers. Meditation helps the DNA to unwind and allows changes in the biology and chemistry of the individual bringing about many benefits to meditation including.

Reduction in high blood pressure, reduction in anxiety, and moderation of muscle lactate levels after exercise. It also decreases tension-related pains such as headaches, insomnia, ulcers, and muscular-skeleton problems. It also has positive effect on the production of serotonin in the body and normalizes mood swings. It can enhance concentration for more intense workouts and body strength. It enhances the workings of immune system in your body. It is helpful in treating various chronic diseases like arthritis, allergies, etc. It also has been shown to reduce Pre-menstrual Syndrome.

Would you like to learn How to meditate? If so then make the decision to add it as part your daily schedule. Consider it exercise for the mind. Now you can benefit from improved emotional stability, enhanced creativity, peace of mind, and deeper intuition. Your mind can feel fresh, creative, and active all the time. Imagine your life with increased focusing power and a deeper state of positive consciousness.
Apart from physical and mental benefits, there are two other major benefits of Meditation such as it protects our body from the damages of stress and it can help release existing stress related illnesses from the body; nourishing you from within. Discover more about the meditation experience at neologicaltech.

Such as meditation cone panels, now available in bulk for those who desire to create meditation rooms. This can be found on the website under the products section.

Also be sure to check out the technoshaman, we have developed a special headband which can be connected with other headbands for enhancing group telepathy and group meditation.  Please note we had to increase the price of the unit to cover the extra cost of producing the headbands, but now you get headbands for up to 4 people meditating together at the same time. It also includes the USB power gauntlet which can be plugged into mp3 players and connects with your self-hypnosis tracks. The price of this device package is $2150.


As a special thank you to our customers we are offering the IDL80 for $2000 until March 2, 2015.


ProductCode=IDL80SALE Thanks everyone and happy travels…. – James Rink “The more you meditate on good thoughts the better this world will be” – Confucius


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