Testimonal – Neo Skullem – I Feel Reborn

I started meditating with my IDL Skullem Clairvoyance Activator the day after I received my device. Before then I would meditate about two hours a day. I was guided by my guardian angel through intuition, to find your device on the internet and I had no doubt that the result would be that, because when I read the internet for the first time your page, I believed; and I spent a couple of months programming me to have the money needed to buy the device.

My experience with the device is that before long, my spiritual development was enhanced. All my chakras became unified and prayerfully sought to be filled with light. I feel reborn and cured of all ills that our human mind has brought us so far. I am grateful for all that I am , and sending positive energy raising the vibration of the planet earth for the evolution of everyone and everything.

Thank you.

M- Brazil

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We also have a variation of this design with one large cube at a lower price.


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