Testimonial – Neo Skullem Clairvoyance Activator

Here is are my experiences with using the Neo Skullem Clairvoyance Activator .

When I use the device I feel a tingling and warm sensation in my palms and fingertips which quickly grows into a strong power in my hands. Before I had a device I was using the internet meditation audio with headphones 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Now with the device, I enter deep concentration much faster, my chi power frequency increased, it open and healed all my energy channels, chakras all. I meditate with my device two hours in the morning and two hours at night.

Now my pineal gland is opened to bright light, pulsating in my head and today I saw all the colors in it.

Before I even heard of a neo device, my guardian angel spoke to me in my dreams and directed me to find your work on the internet. With my device I speak in my meditation and my device responds immediately during the day with increased intuition and answers in many ways. I also notice my day seems to be perfect and wonderful. I’m going to continue to study this, because I know my mission is linked to health, as my angel showed me.

I did not put anything else in my device.

Thank you. – M

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