The Return of Spectro-Chrome: The Most Suppressed Medical Technology Ever

They showed up ten strong, a full fledged FBI squad, and on the cold morning of July 14 1951 proceeded to lay out each and every one of the strange machines in Mr. Dinshah’s clinic on his lawn. With Sledge hammers they smashed each one of them to pieces as the old man, his patients and his neighbors watched. They wanted to deliver a message and did so. Dinshah, who had spent a lifetime promoting a healthy vegan lifestyle and the healing through color was sentenced to three years in prison. To this day there remains a PERMANENT Federal injunction against the Spectro-Chrome….

Dinshah Ghadiali or "the old man" as he is affectionally called by the now reviving Spectro-Chrome movement was a  strict vegan who saw the utter evil and hypocrisy of the medical establishment he was 70 years ahead of his time.

Spectro-Chrome reached the height of it’s popularity in the 40-50’s. Thousands of clinic’s in America had one. It was quickly becoming the favorite way to heal and many mainstream doctors had happily gotten on board.

"For centuries scientists have devoted untiring effort to discover a means for the relief or cure of human ills and restoration of the normal functions. Yet in neglected light and color there is a potency far beyond that of drugs and serums. Color is the simplest and most accurate therapeutic measure yet developed. I can produce quicker and more accurate results with colors than with any or all other methods combined—and with less strain on the patient." -Kate Baldwin MD and member of the AMA

The Rockefeller created AMA had put a stop to Royal Raymond Rife and Wilhelm Reich and now the last great “threat” to their monopoly was removed. The Spectro-Chrome is always the premier display in every medical quackery museum. To the truly awakened this is seen as a badge of honor as this simple healing system is not only astonishingly effective but also unlocks far deeper mysteries about the underlying nature of our universe.
What is Spectro-Chrome
Light healing. Different colors heal the body in various ways. It is that simple.

The Spectro-Chrome system is as simple as smiling at a rainbow. No complex math or million dollar machines needed. Nothing scared the AMA more....

Does it work?
Before we invest time in learning “how” or “why” it works we must know if light therapy “chromotherapy” could work.
Here is a story from Kate Baldwin MD about a terminal case of a little girl badly burned.

“I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Medical College in 1890. I have been an active physician for over 40 years and am rated by the American College of Surgeons as a surgeon and by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and otolaryngology but I have never confined myself, only to surgery. I belong to the County and State Medical Societies of Pennsylvania and I am registered in New York and Rhode Island to practice medicine and surgery. I have been the Senior Surgeon at the Woman’s Hospital of Philadelphia for 23 years and had a clinic for over 30 years.”

“Philadelphia Women’s Hospital is the oldest women’s hospital in the country. During this time I have performed major surgery on pretty nearly everything from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet.”

“I have run eleven devices every day in the hospital and have several others in people’s homes, when people cannot come to me.”

“One of my most famous cases was a little girl named Grace Shirlow. About four-fifths of her torso was burnt. She was burned beyond the middle of the body; it went up to the clavicle and under the arm. Burns went from the elbow up clear into the axillary, down to the groin, about four inches on the left leg; back up onto the back and around onto the side. It was not only the skin that was destroyed, but the fascia of the muscle. The fascia is the covering of the muscle.”

“From my surgical and medical experience, with that much of the body burned and to that severity, it would be an absolutely hopeless and fatal case. I was brought in about 24 hours after the burn and the surgeon and the doctor said, ‘there is no use in trying to do anything with this!’ Dressing had been placed so tightly that it was two weeks before I succeeded in getting it all off, as I would not force it off. I told myself that there was nothing in regular medicine or surgery, that can make that child live. I told my assistant that we might as well see what the Spectro-Chrome will do.

“The child had absolutely nothing but color and diet. I used no surgery at all. I used paper dressing soaked with nut oil and color rays. We used turquoise principally to build the skin. We used other colors to help stimulate the separation of the sloughs off the body. New epithelium, new skin, will not cover over dead tissue and we had to stimulate the separation using stimulating colors.”

“A good many surgeons saw this girl and one surgeon, who had been in the war said, ‘well, we don’t try to treat one of those; we give them just a big dose of morphine and push them off to one side.’ Now, I was criticized for not skin grafting, but where could I get skin to graft? There was no place on the body to skin graft. Today, the little girl has perfectly moveable skin. This is not scar tissue, but skin!”

Light is what fuels the life of every plant on earth and thus all other life as well. Dinshah, the founder of Spectro-Chrome considered light a food for humans, much as liquids, solids and gases are.
Who was Dinshah?
Colonel Dinshah Ghadiali immigrated to America from India.  After reading about the light healing of Edwin Babbit’s book “Principles of Light and Color”  he began experimenting and healed his friend’s niece from mucous colitis by making his own makeshift Spectro-Chrome from a pickle jar and kerosene lamp. He shined blue light on a glass of milk for three days and cured the girl.
Coming to America he moved to New Jersey to be near his hero, Thomas Edison. Dinshah served in the New York Police Air Reserves and rose to Colonel and had applied for many patents before inventing the Spectro-Chrome.
His slogan was “No Diagnosis, No Drugs, No Surgery”. He was very confident about his system and advised everyone from diabetics to the obese to burn victims to those with acne and depression. He acquired a throng of dedicated believers and claimed “soon there will be a Spectro-Chrome in every home”.
How does it work?
A simple machine of 5 specially tinted glass plates with a normal bulb behind them would bath a patient in colored light in a dark room for one hour sessions. The head of the patient must face north to be aligned with the magnetic field of the earth and naturally it works best if they completely exposed to the light.
The light can either be cast over the entire body or focused on special “areas” which match almost precisely the meridian lines and points used by acupuncturists.

Spectro-Chrome is most effective when aimed at the natural pressure points of the body. The same points used in Chinese healing.

The contraption itself is a simple incandescent bulb powered projector with switchable color glass plates. According to the world’s leading Spectro-Chrome authority, Mark Fischer LED’s will not work, it must be an incandescent bulb. It looks at first glance to be a child’s toy, yet it has immense healing power. The secret is in the combination of the colors and the original plates strict tinting.
Why does it work?
According to Dinshah in addition to our physical bodies we all have an aetheric body, also called an aura.

Certain gifted peoples can see human aura's Baron Karl Von Reichenbach called them "Odic sensitives"

The light works to restore balance or “normalize” the aetheric body. The healing of the physical body follows as a byproduct of restoring the natural balance to the aetheric body.
The physical body is mostly made up only four core elements.

The wavelength of carbon

  • 72% Oxygen – blue
  • 13.4% Carbon – yellow
  • 9.1% Hydrogen – red
  • 2.5% Nitrogen – green
  • 1.2% Calcium
  • 1.2% Phosphorus
  • 0.6% Trace Elements

The wave length of Hydrogen

According to Dinshah, Tesla and Gustave Lebon all matter radiates energy, i.e. is radioactive to an extent. The wavelengths of these radiations correspond to certain colors. If you are lacking a certain element in the body then it can be brought to balance by “feeding” the aetheric body with that color. By the same token if you have too much of a certain kind of energy the opposing energy in the form of it’s matching color can be used to restore the balance.

Each color has it's own power. The Spectro-Chrome system is amazingly complete and nearly every malady can be cured.

Burn victims have been completely cured with blue light which is calming and sedative and counters the stimulating energizing red light. Vice versa red can be used to invigorate people. One then wonders why photographers who work under the red lights of a old photo development labs don’t go mad with rage. The aetheric body can never overdose on a color, it simply ignores any overflow much as the physical bodies disposes of an over flow of vitamins.

Dinshah was scientific in his matching up of all elements to color and spared no expense to bring this to light.

The System of Colors
The core of Spectro-Chrome is in it’s model of colors. The beauty of the Spectro-Chrome system is how 5 colored glass plates produce 12 total colors.

12 total colors and the symmetry between them, Polarities run on all angles. The system is tight and as simple as geometry itself.

Dinshah was of Zoroastrian extraction and studied under various Hindu and Vedic teachers. The six pointed star is an ancient symbol and was not claimed by any religion until Mayer Amschel Rothchild decided to adopt it as the seal of his family store in the early 1600’s. There is no religious affiliate with Spectro-Chrome, it is a universal system open to all and representing humanity as a whole.
While Dinshah was a believer in Newton to truly understand the power of this system we must disregard the current Newtonian color theory and instead turn to Goethe’s theory of colors.

Newton ran his infamous experiment by passing white light through a prism. Yet little did he know he was missing half of the true spectrum...

Newton studied light by sitting in a dark room, letting a thin slight of light pass through a prism and watching the refraction of colors it produced, studying light in the dark… His assumption was that because white light passed and multicolored light was produced that white contained all colors and black was no light at all.

Goethe ran a similar experiment and made certain to pay close attention to how the borders of light and darkness interacted. He discovered a hidden "dark spectrum" where the color magenta was revealed. This is the bottom of the star in the Spectro-Chrome system. According to the modern day theory of light magenta should not exist as a unique primary color, yet it does and it's polarity is opposite to green.

Goethe was of course impressed by Newtons solid work but upon further experimentation he discovered that had Newton gone further he would have seen that color was created through the interaction of light and dark and that darkness itself was it’s own phenomenon and not a lack of anything. Yellow-Red is found to be in opposite polarity to Blue-Violet. The combination of Yellow and Blue is what Creates Green. The combination of Violet and Red is what creates Magenta. In todays theory of color Magenta should not exist, yet it is it’s own separate and unique color.
As Above, So Below
The six pointed star is the sigil of this ancient saying. The RED-GREEN-VIOLET is what points up and in the Dinshah system is the primary set of colors, with Green being the color of balance and the physical. The YELLOW-VIOLET-MAGENTA is what points down and in the Dinshah system is the secondary. The trietary colors are the combinations formed in between the points. Lemon, Turquoise, Indigo, Purple and Scarlet.

Here the twelve colors can be seen clearly. These twelve colors are made with only 5 plates.

Five colored plates combined in combinations of two can produce a total of 12 colors. Each of these colors has the power to heal almost any disease or illness short of broken bones.

An excellent condensed introduction to SpectroChrome "Let there be Light" is a must read. Can anyone please scan it and upload it to our Light Healing Keychest?

Dinshah labored for over thirty years to document the effects of various colors to treat various illnesses. He poured all his knowledge into his book Color Healing and the three volume set he would publish in 1933.
The Last Apprentice
Mark Fischer is one of the world’s foremost experts on Spectro-Chrome and has fought for over 20 years to revive this amazing technology. He, much like Dinshah before him sees a world free of drugs, vaccines and hideous procedures such as chemo therapy.

Mark Fischer is fighting to bring the most powerful light healing system the world has ever known back to the world. He been selfless and vigilant and now his efforts are being rewarded.

Mark is in possession of several original and fully working Spectro-Chrome machines. He is not hoarding them and will happily sell one of them under one condition. That it be given to someone who will use it and dedicate their life to learning and healing.
Disclaimer: Mark makes absolutely no claims to be able to heal anyone. He can only explain how the system works. There is a PERMANENT  Federal injunction against Spectro-Chrome.

Mark is dedicated to teach others about Spectro-Chrome and has a collection fired up and ready to go.

Mark Fischer has learned much and wants to pass on as much of his knowledge as he can. He asks for no compensation for his time. Mark believes that all knowledge should be free.

Tom Brown, the arch aether mage himself,  knows a great thing when he sees it. Of all the technologies which he has seen over the years Spectro-Chrome excites him most. He is dedicated to helping Mark realize the dream and in the spirit of complete altruism for which he is known.

Tom Brown, always the hero has fought to help Mark realize his dream and to this day continues to produce amazing content about Spectro-Chrome. Together with AetherForce we hope to reintroduce this amazing life saving technology back to the world, a world that we all feel is now ready to receive and if necessary defend our right to true healing. Now Spectro-Chrome is making a huge comeback in South American, Asia and parts of Europe.
The Words of Dr. Kate Baldwin are a constant reminder on just how much humanity is missing out on.

“After 41 years of general practice and surgery in hospitals I can obtain nearly the same results with the Spectro-Chrome as with my medical knowledge. I will use surgery when needed. A foot that is reduced to pulp by a truck running over it is going to need a surgical operation. But the Spectro-Chrome can help the anesthetic be taken even better before you send the patient to the operating table. The patients recover with much less unpleasantness. It is a gentle form of therapy where you cannot do harm. I have had six severe eye cases using the color directly into the eye with no harm being done.”

Dr. Kate W. Baldwin was under tremendous pressure because of her use of Spectro-Chrome. Other doctors who were envious of her results asked for her removal from the surgical staff of the hospital. In an article printed in the Atlantic Medical Journal of April 1927, discussing the Grace Shirlow case, Dr. Baldwin stated that after thirty-seven years of active hospital and private practice in medicine and surgery, she produced quicker and more accurate results using Spectro-Chrome than with any other methods, and there was less strain on the patient.’

Dr Baldwin once remarked that she would give up the practice of medicine tomorrow rather than give up the use of Spectro-Chrome.

Are you ready for Spectro-Chrome? Leave a comment and let us know.

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