Preserve the Aging Brain with a Neo Meditation Cube

By James Rink

It is common knowledge that aging deteriorates the brain resulting in cognitive impairments. You may be surprised to learn that this process begins in your late 20s with the reduction of HGH and loss of chromosomal data on the telomeres of your DNA. But before you panic, a new study suggests meditation has the potential to slow down this deterioration. This can be as simple as closing your eyes, clearing your mind and relaxing a minimum of 11 minutes a day or it could be a lengthy Guided Meditation involving Grabovoi numbers for example, which it has been alleged to reverse aging.

Since the 1960s prestigious colleges and universes in the west have been conducting studies that illustrate the benefits of meditation. You might have expected that meditation causes small or distinct localized effects within some regions of the brain. However, brain scans have shown meditation results in widespread effects noticed at many regions throughout the entire brain.

One study from UCLA sheds light that individuals who have meditated for many years have more enhanced cognitive abilities than non-meditators due to aging. On average, meditators who have been meditating from 20 years or more had more grey matter volume, responsible for information processing in the brain and less white matter which simply channels the information around; as compared to non-meditators or young meditators. However, signs of volume loss occurred for all individuals. In other words, according to this study, meditation won’t stop aging, only slow it down.

So why meditate? To preserve your brains grey matter and to relieve anxiety and depression, improve attention, concentration, and enhance overall psychological well-being; additionally meditation can reduce ego states activity in the brain.

A study carried out at Yale University has shown mindfulness meditation decreasing activity in the default mode network (DMN), a part of the brain network which is actually responsible for self-referential thoughts, known as the “monkey mind.” The DMN activates when you are not thinking about anything in particular, when our minds are just wandering from one thought to another. Usually, mind-wandering is aligned with being less happy, ruminating and worrying about the future. Mindfulness meditation has a quieting effect on the DMN. So if you find your mind wandering to negative thoughts, meditation will allow you to snap out of this negativity and bestow a reprieve from the nomadic nature of your mind.

The main goal of meditation is relaxation and bringing the mind into balance. This can be done alone, with a friend or family member using many tools available such as hemisync audio CD’s, guided imagery, mantras, or mindfulness meditation. You can even combine these tools with chi enhancers such as Neo Meditation devices which can energize and relax you at the same time. So choose to escape this viscous circle, find your favorite type of meditation stick with it and or enhance it with some Neo Meditation devices to begin relieving your mind of stress. Start now by setting aside a few minutes each morning or evening or even better both, then sit down and relax in a quiet area to activate your meditation experience.

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