Consciousness in The Holographic Illusion of Reality. Are We In The Matrix?

Consciousness and the illusion of reality
‘Unified Field Theory’ suggests that our reality is a sea of energy, an energetic illusion that our consciousnesses perceive and interact with. The world you see around you is really a soup of intelligent energy fooling your senses into thinking it is the tangible, visible and audible reality that you experience.
In physics, unified field theory can be described as ‘all that is usually thought of as fundamental forces and elementary particles to be written in terms of a single field’ (

We all learned at school that matter (solids, liquids, gases, and everything you can see) is made up of atoms. Atoms consist of particles of energy and lots of empty space (the empty space or void itself being highly charged with latent energy). How can it be that the hard, tangible world around us consists of pure energy? Our senses are being fooled because we can’t see past this unified field – we are completely immersed within it, it is everything and everywhere.
Physical reality as we perceive it is a product of, or a set of symptoms arising from, the unified field. Newtonian physics and the natural laws arise from the illusion, the product that unified field has given to us. Quantum physics however studies our reality at the quantum level, the unimaginably small level where everything is made up of energy.
So, matter fundamentally consists of particles of energy and empty space. The thing is, when particles of energy are observed, they appear as just that; particles of energy. But when they are not being observed, they do not exist – they appear as a frequency wave, and wave of probabilities; or possible objects. A wave of energy. Please check out the double slit experiment for proof of that.
It follows then, that if you are not looking at an object it does not yet exist. Or more accurately it has not manifested. It simply exists as waves of probabilities until you perceive it – at which point it manifests into your reality. Most people find this impossible to believe.
The unified field is an infinite soup of intelligent energy in the form for energetic waves of probability that we exist within. As your timeline (your future) is not set; when your consciousness interacts with a certain portion of the unified field, it manifests in the perceived time and space required – but previously to this it remains as waves of possibilities because the outcome was not set.
An easy way to understand the illusion of reality is to look at a free roaming computer game. Reality is unimaginably more sophisticated however. The game is downloaded electronically (as energy) and stored in a tiny space on the computer. The code in the game comes to life with electricity and when you play it, you’re presented with moving scenery and players (avatars) walking about. The avatar, if it possessed consciousness, could not see beyond the game, it is totally immersed within it. It’s beingness is stored electronically somewhere, yet it manifests and walks around in the game. The avatar’s surroundings would look, sound and feel very real to it if it possessed consciousness. It might even touch something and feel it, yet nothing is truly real, it’s merely computer code. Thinking about this analogy can help to clarify our own situation.
In addition, if you have seen ‘The Matrix’ you can think of ‘Neo’ being plugged into the Matrix – he cannot see past the matrix while he is totally immersed within it. He learns however, to manipulate the Matrix as we can learn to do in our own reality. His body, brain and everything are illusionary, and his experiences are playing out in his mind. This does not make these experiences any less valid however. His companions too can share in this illusion, when they are collectively plugged into it.
Dr Sylvester James Gates Jr, a theoretical physicist, Professor of Physics at the University of Maryland, serving on Barack Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology has found that computer codes exists, just like the type found within a web browser, buried very deeply inside the equations that occur in string theory. String theory attempts to provide a unified and complete description of the basic structure of our universe. Dr Gates has said that ‘I am left with the puzzle of trying to figure out if I live in the Matrix or not’.
Given that everything, even our bodies, are fundamentally made up of particles of energy, this would mean that our actual human bodies too are an illusion. There is no ‘physical’ reality, including our bodies and our brain, it’s all within our minds.
So, what am I?
Given that you are self aware, aware of others and your surroundings, and that you are seeking and searching experience all the time, and that you are a unique personality – you must be a conscious sentient being! And given that your body and surroundings are likely an energetic illusion – you are very probably; pure energetic consciousness.
If My Body Is An Illusion How Can It Do All That It Can Do?
You body is a mega sophisticated illusion perceived within your own mind and other people’s minds that is specifically tailored to interact with and interpret our reality. Your consciousness interacts with the unified field (it is part of the field) and you perceive that your human body is doing the interacting. Your body is programmed with five senses that receive and interpret this reality. Or so we perceive anyway, really our consciousness is purposefully immersed in this earthly experience and has been limited to experience it through five illusory senses. Our body however is calibrated to pick up this illusion’s frequency of matter, like a radio being tuned to a radio station at a certain frequency.
If A Tree Falls in The Woods Does It Make A Sound?
Many wonder, that if we turn away from what we are looking at, does it disappear because we are not observing it? No, it doesn’t disappear, it’s still there encoded into the unified field, we are simply not decoding it at that moment.
If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? No it does not. Here’s why. Sound is caused by vibrations in the air being registered by components within the ear. If a tree falls in the woods then it will hit the ground and send rippling air outward. If there is no conscious entity present to decode these vibrations as sound, then there is no sound, they are merely vibrations within the air.
If a deaf person is standing within audible range of this occurrence and perceives no vibrations as sound – sound therefore does not exist (although they may feel the vibrations on the skin or through leg muscles as sensation). Vibrations are only perceived as sound when a conscious entity with appropriate hearing receptors (or ears!) is present to decode the electrical signals from the ears, at which point the brain translates them into sound within the brain. The sound is within the brain (and mind) only.
Reality exists only within the mind and not outside of the body. The mind, the infinite you, the seat of your consciousness, utilizes experiences that the brain has decoded from the unified field.
Scientists examine matter on an atomic level and say that it is made up of atoms. Atoms are mostly 99.9% empty space, so how can atoms create our hard tangible reality? Atoms don’t create our reality, atoms too are an illusion, we decode the unified field within our consciousness and the unified field tells us that on a minuscule level matter is made up of atoms, particles of energy and so on. There is never anything more than the waveform reality of probabilities.
There is no morphing into physical objects and scenery outside the confines of our minds. We interact with and perceive the unified field, changing it energetically using our energetic consciousnesses. The wave function of our energetic reality collapses when there is an observer present because we cannot perceive the wave function, it must be interpreted into matter consisting of atoms and their components which are perceived in the mind.
Going deeper, individuality too is an illusion. Individuality is important for the purpose of having a unique experience for learning and progressing. However, rather than each of us being a point of consciousness floating in the sea of intelligent energy that is the unified field, instead we are the unified field. Imagine that there is no space (as in distance) and that each of us possesses consciousness that is simply part of the energetic fabric of the unified field, not local to any single place. Often-times those who experience a near death experience or very deep meditation gain a feeling of largeness or expansiveness. This feeling could be a result of experiencing the sensation of being all things and everywhere, of psychic unity with all that there is. This is called ‘psychic expansion’ and here our consciousness gets a glimpse into the true vastness if the unified field.
Your thoughts and memories could be stored and accessed out there in the unified field. Each of us are all things and everywhere, yet we undergo this human experience over and over again with the aim of understanding what separation, ego and ignorance of our true nature are like.
Why Do People Talk About The Universe Being Holographic?
This is an easy way for people to understand reality being an energetic creation rather that actual hard matter and nothing more. A hologram is a three dimensional projection and so it is assumed that our world is somehow projected out in front of our eyes for us to see – and when we shut our eyes it disappears only to reappear when we open our eyes again. Really, there are no holograms at all.
The unified field is decoded by our consciousness and turned into meaning within our minds. There is no projector, no hologram, no screen or loud speakers within our brains – it’s all neurons firing electrical pulses and coming together for our minds to perceive. Our brains receive the information from reality and decode it (physically speaking) as electrical impulses within the brain to be perceived. No light for example, gets inside our brains, yet we perceive the inputs as being bright and illuminated. This is not a hologram in the brain, the brain is decoding information and perceiving it, it’s all electrical pulses and information. There is no outward projection of a hologram, it’s all within the mind.
Again when we look away, reality is not gone, the information within the unified field is still there, we are simply not decoding it. We look at a table, we decode the unified field through our consciousness and know that it is a table. We look away. The table remains in wave form as it always was, a table coded into the field,. We look again and decode the field and ‘see’ a table once more. If we move the table then the field remembers our changes and the next person or consciousness to come along will also experience that the table has moved. We all share the same unified field, we can all change it, interact with it and perceive it.
When you are dreaming and you are unaware that you are dreaming, you are unable to see beyond the dream. You are immersed in that reality, yet it is not real. In your dreams you see sights, feel sensations, hear sounds, experience circumstances and events, and even smell things! But the dream is not real, your senses are fooled into thinking it is real. Your dream is (scientifically) the result of neurons firing within your brain creating visualizations, yet you experience a believable reality within your mind. (Note that dreams do have a reality of their own).
Imagine we are immersed in a similar sort of reality during our earthly lives and we can understand why it seems very real. The electrical signals within our brains are producing the dream experience just like the unified field is producing our life experiences.
So if this is true what does it mean for me?

Take from this what you will. Know though that your earthly experience is valid and important otherwise you would not have chosen to have this experience. You’re here for a reason, so whether you are living in a illusion or in a solid tangible reality, who cares – so long as you make the most of your precious lifetime.

Consciousness in The Holographic Illusion of Reality. Are We In The Matrix?

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