Children Can Meditate


BellaOnline’s Meditation Editor
If your children show an interest, let them set up a quiet place in their room for meditation. If you go to a holy place regularly with your children, they will soon start to feel the special peace that comes from being quiet and reverent. Show by your actions that you feel respectful in holy places and they will follow your lead.

If your children are old enough to stay still in a meditation pose, let them sit with you for a minute. Read them a short uplifting story at the beginning of your co-meditation and ask them to close their eyes and think about the story, while you are both quiet.

That is enough technique for your children under 3 or 4. Be sure their clothing is not restrictive so they can easily sit cross-legged.

When they reach kindergarten you can demonstrate how to breathe in and out evenly, so they can use this breathing during their quiet period. Mention that this even breathing can help them settle down when they feel stressed or upset. And no one can see them using this way to calm down so they need not feel embarrassed.

Getting into meditation takes time and practice and childhood is a good time to begin under your direction.

I invite you to join me in a daily world peace cyber group meditation. Click the article here to read about it.

Article by Susan Helene Kramer

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