Health Wands

Is anyone interested in a health wand attachment with RCA cable and port for your neo meditation cube? The wand can capture plasma energy and convert it into a form that brings wellness to your health. Plug it into your neo meditation cube then point the wand at the area that is in need of healing.

The wand and 5 free wellness patches which also convert plasma to help assist the wellness process are available for new neo devices for $130. Current neo meditation device users will need to send their devices back for modification for $140 which includes free return shipping.  If you would like to learn more please send a email to


“One of my legs is very weak as a result of polio when I was a baby. I’d never felt very disabled though until a couple of years ago when my ‘good’ knee became rather painful. As I was approaching 70, I decided that the knee was probably wearing out after a lifetime of having to do double the work it was designed to do. I didn’t want to seek a medical opinion as I suspected I’d be told I needed knee replacement surgery, for me a terrifying thought! I put up with the pain but, a year ago, it suddenly became excruciatingly painful.

I could hardly bear to put any weight on it and had to use crutches to get around. I live alone and became quite a burden on my caregiver for a few months. Then, to cap it all, I fell and twisted the very same knee. This totally put an end to my independence – I couldn’t walk at all. After a few months, I received some bioenergy healing from a friend which definitely helped. My knee felt a lot better and I was able to walk with less pain but it still had a long way to go. By this time, I tried a health wand and gave me one to try. I SO wanted it to work! I tried and I tried but, disappointingly, never really got any perceivable results. Then came the health patches. I would sit with one on my knee for a few hours but no noticeable improvement. Then I decided to sleep with a patch on my head, just in case I was unconsciously blocking the healing for some reason. At the same time, I bandaged three patches around my knee and left them on for almost a week until something told me to take them off. After a couple of days – WOW – my knee felt almost as good as new. It still feels a little tender and gets stiff, so I sometimes sleep with a patch on it, but it’s much better than I ever imagined possible. I have my independence back and it’s very exciting! I’ve also been suffering from terrible toothache recently – a tooth going rotten underneath a crown – and I’m using a health patch on my jaw at night to lessen the pain until I’ve saved enough money to go to a dentist. It helps a lot. I’m scared of dentists so I’ve even asked the patch to regenerate the tooth but am not sure if that’s asking too much of it! So, YES, THIS STUFF WORKS.  – Judy”





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