Our Own Reality Program

We all own our own Reality Program and each one of our Reality Programs could win an Oscar. Reality is often more interesting and compelling than fiction.

Our Reality Program often referred to as our subconscious, stems from DNA programming we inherit from the moment of conception and continues as our cells are stimulated by different frequencies. In actuality, we begin our lives well before we are developed as a human fetus.

We create our own reality program before we consciously know how to create our own reality. This reality helps and hinders as we enter our dualistic world. Think of our subconscious programming as automatic computer programs that run instantaneously whenever a button is pushed. This helps us to move through life without rethinking everything we do. It also sometimes moves us in directions we do not consciously desire to go. This is true also in animals as we watch the birds fly to find food, the foxes hunting their prey, and the rabbits nibbling on grasses, all programmed automatically and subconsciously to do the things their inherited DNA told them to do.

Human reality programming contains, organizes, and judges a myriad of beliefs, values, judgments, decisions, and behavior modifications. These combined determine how we see ourselves in relation to those around us and the world. This is how we create our life as we know it today. This pre-determination includes what we do, who we marry, why we marry, whether we divorce, if we have children, how we treat others, whether we will live life suffering, in pain from old injuries, or happy and carefree. Our reality program is our blueprint for our life and sometimes it serves us well and other times not. The good news is we are not fated to live our Reality Program. We can change it at any time. We can change the non-resourceful reality programs of pain, suffering, staying with a person because you have been told to do so and you are afraid of not following the rules. These non-resourceful patterns have usually been established because the person believes he must do this in order to survive and they may have nothing to do with his present life. This reality program may no longer serve the person’s survival but in actuality lessen the person’s survival. You would think people would discard old patterns that cause suffering, but usually people become more ingrained with these patterns and more attached to the issues that frightened them the most. This starts the pattern of drawing more fear into themselves and starts a downward cycle of which most of us are unfortunately familiar.

How do we get out of these patterns we hold so close and dear to us?

There have been many self-help books written on this subject and many different ways to precipitate the change or “transformation” of old non-resourceful and even harmful patterns, but one way that is most powerful is the Light Portal™ .

The Light Portal provides an environment that is conducive to relaxation and meditation. As the body relaxes, the mind is allowed to wander through different states of consciousness which hold our automated Reality Programs. When in these different states of consciousness it is easier for us to identify and let go of programs that no longer serve us, and create different Reality Programs that do serve us by allowing peace rather than resistance into our reality. This is what people refer to as “inner peace”, “harmony”, “love”, “higher spiritual consciousness”, and “well-being”..

No matter who we are, the feeling of inner peace and wellbeing is what we all constantly strive for in our lives. Usually, it takes many years of training in the meditative arts to get to this state of euphoria.Light Portal can help you get there. When you have a Light Portal session you are giving yourself the opportunity to experience yourself in a different way that could ultimately affect your occurrence in the world in a positive transformational way via changing personal individual non-resourceful reality programs to supportive helpful programs.

Most people believe their reality programs and how they relate to the world is who they are. When their reality programs no longer serve them, their world will start to crumble. If they resist the change to default to a better newer automatic program, their worlds crumble even more causing total destruction of their personal lives, financial lives, family lives, and spiritual lives. Some could call this the death of the Phoenix which then rises from the ashes.

However if you allow change to happen without resistance, the process of transformation can be painless, joyful and euphoric and one does not have to die the death of the Phoenix.

You can experience your reality program of life through anger, fear, pain and suffering, or you can experience your life program through joy and happiness. To me it is time we collectively bring joy and happiness into our lives all the time and experience the true beauty of this world in which we live. To me, Light Portal is a tool available to help us do our transformational work.




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