Neo IDL80 Gatekey is Not Regular Chi

The Chi inside my Neo IDL80 Gatekey is not regular chi .it seems to be the crystalline chi or prana. Crystalline prana is sourced from the crystals and metals that you put inside.

As for the metals inside the cube, its the vibration of power–invincible power is copper,the flame of Elohim Ariel, the creator of Power Universe.;

the flame of Elohim Grace is silver, We are now under the law of Grace, She replaced the law of “eye for an eye”;

Gold is the vibration of Elohim Love. Unconditional love. She has another flame. warm Pink. I experienced this flame at the Amitabha Stupa in Sedona. The stupa of Buddhaic Compassion.

Platinum is (I think)Elohim Rapture.She is the prism that gathers all the rainbow light and transmutes these as white light…the last step in ascension.

For a limited time the IDL-80 is 25% off. Upgrade your meditation experience and feel the supercharged power of this meditation cube.


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