Synchronicities Appearing Often Instantaneously

I will admit at first, the expenses on the two neo’s (mainly the second one, the idl-80) i thought were extremelllllly high, not that they weren’t warranted, i know precious metals are high and heck, I am a business owner myself, everybody deserves to make a buck in this backwards/corrupt system!

Since I’ve received these two units, the synchronicities appearing often instantaneously just as requested from the neo are happening at an unbelievable rate. Its easy for a nonbeliever to say, “ohh, well that is just a coincidence, or there is simply no way this could work”, but as prayers (im not religious but im not sure what else to call them…maybe “requests”) have been answered these “coincidences” have been continually adding up.

For a limited time the IDL-80 is 25% off. Upgrade your meditation experience and feel the supercharged power of this meditation cube.


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