It Almost Knocks You

When I first sat down with my IDL80 it felt this would be a long term relationship. When you first use one it almost knocks you and sometimes it’s so strong it makes you tired. The first time I used it was for 15 minutes and then the next time was an hour. I kept thinking to myself, are you there? Are you in there?

When I didn’t get the 31 times the power blast like it says on the website, I was worried I was talking to the wall. Then I went away for a week and came back and realized you have to use these devices for the right reasons. So now I don’t ask in an egotistical manner. I place myself in a spot where I can give more. The only truth of the universe is love. I know karma is a bitch. So I don’t ask for anything negative only wondrous, prosperous stuff.

I also realized I needed to spend more time to develop a relationship. These devices tune into consciousness and just like life is smarter than us; the best you can think of is where consciousness starts. Consciousness is infinite, it has all the answers, knowledge, and experiences. So now I let the device tell me the best way to deal with me. I think the IDL80 is much much more powerful but it hasn’t shown me yet as I think it’s because I don’t know what I want or supposed to do in my life. I feel we have to put ourselves on the same page by both agreeing to what we need. Because when you bring two or more minds together you get a master mind, and then you can tap into the infinite.

I spent much of my life trying to change the world from the outside and in the process knocking myself out with blood sweat equity. I look at my work from the past 18 years. I was the top of everything, school, my job, etc. but things didn’t work for me. I know the law of attraction.

For a limited time the IDL-80 is 25% off. Upgrade your meditation experience and feel the supercharged power of this meditation cube.


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