Meditation is momentarily alert, alive and aware.

When you read this you will filter it through what you know, what you think you know, because there has been a long history of meditation tradition that is taken to be true, because of thousands of years of tradition. I take exception: what people say about meditation is 99.9% bulldust, and those who profess to teach the ‘tried and tested’ techniques are book learned themselves and pretending to others.

Meditation instructors will be all up in arms about that, but not surprisingly since I adamantly disrupt thousands of years stale old hand me downs where each generation is scared pantsless of straying from security of tradition, but I claim that it’s all dead dusty old stuff. All dried up like the ink it is written in.

Meditation is momentarily alert, alive and aware. It isn’t rigid like a perfect posture, repetitive like a hypnotic mantra or controlled like a slavishly obedient, yet inherently resentful, mind.

Meditation is captured by the word ‘sati’ which means awareness or to observe. We are already aware and we are already watching. That’s what it is to be alive. We can’t teach it because we already know it. Teachers will tell you what to watch, what to chant, what to visualise – but the meditation is self awareness, and the knowledge of self.

You are not a static thing that is captured and retained as knowledge that can be taught – you are living, being, thinking and changing from moment to moment. One does not observe anything stationary or repetitive. One is the witness to life, which is vital and dynamic.

The meditation does away with the repetition of habits and reactions ingrained in us by upbringing. It dispenses with the comparisons so popular throughout school, career, society and the spiritual status quo. It relinquishes all standards of religious rote and dictatorial society. It’s disruptive and disobedient not because it’s rebellious, but because it’s truthful. Some few will appreciate that.

If person really wants meditation, they will know the truth about themselves and will not to be able live according to any traditional norms or institutional paradigms anymore; rather, they will live in truth to themselves. That is the essence of transformation.


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