All Day Meditation???

People generally take intensive meditation courses to accelerate their spiritual progress, or to move more quickly through difficult issues they are experiencing. This raises the question, is more meditation actually better for accomplishing this? The answer is, “it depends.”

For some individuals, an intensive retreat can be quite productive, and they leave feeling very clear, peaceful and recharged.

However, for others, an intensive period of meditation can be counter-productive, due to…
1. Raising one’s energy vibration too quickly, to a level that they are not prepared to handle, and
2. Stirring up way more inner toxins than the individual can effectively process and release.

What determines the difference? There are many complex factors determining whether an individual is sufficiently prepared for an intensive or not. The most tangible of these are:
1. The state of ones nervous system and energy system – is it reasonably strong?
2. How physically grounded the person is.
3. How mentally and emotionally healthy one is.

Although this is not always easy to determine beforehand, one helpful criteria is the person’s lifestyle. Do they regularly engage in activities like physical exercise, physical work, Yoga or Tai Chi, etc.? And is their overall lifestyle reasonably healthy – non-toxic?

For those considering doing an intensive retreat, I suggest you take into account factors such as this before signing up.

But whether or not a person does an occasional intensive, I have observed that, for most people, about 20 minutes a day produces, good, steady progress.


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