Meditation Magic

Meditation is the food for the soul. The soul must be healthy,have a strong aura and using mental concentration to sense,program and direct Prana.

Cleaning Aura, when meditating always keep your eyes relaxed when closed.
1.sit with your back straight.
2.Visualize White light all over your body.
3.Visualize the 7 chakras shining like mini suns.
4.Hold for 5 minutes. This helps in getting rid of negative energy and is needed for healing magic.

Next is pranayama- Controlled breathing increase soul power,
I would suggest that you have to quit smoking/alcohol as it weakens the soul power.
1.Sit straight.
2.Breathe in your lower lungs
3.Breathe in your middle lungs
4.Breathe in your upper lungs
Hold for 6 seconds.
Exhale your lower lungs,then your middle, then your upper lungs. Do this for 8 times a day.

Next is Chakra Spinning.
Visualize each chakra like a small vortex pyramid spinning very fast.
Crown Pointing down
Sixth pointing down
Throat pointing down
Heart is shaped like a hexagram
Solar pointing up
Sacral pointing up
Base pointing up

Doing hatha yoga is important to increase the prana in white magic
Concentrate on each one spinning, hold for 5 mins.


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