How to create a zen-worthy meditation room at home

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- There are so many known benefits in regards to the practice of meditation. Without listing them all just consider for a moment how sometimes your smart phone or laptop might act a bit “buggy” and then the issues correct themselves if you shut your device off and then turn it back on. That, in a nutshell is meditation. A little reset if you will for the mind. Okay, sounds good right? Now how and where? Well its much easier than you might think so let’s get started.

Pick a place

Where? Any quiet space. I feel that people are most successful with their practice if they set aside an intentional space to do it in. This can be anything from a quiet corner of a room, an entire room or even…a closet! Yes, I actually love an extra closet for this. Where ever you decide to do this now you want to claim the space for this purpose. If using a corner of a room, you can use an inexpensive screen to separate the space when you are using it or a large potted plant.

Create a soothing vibe

Paint your space choosing a color that is light and soothing to you and your eyes. So avoid red, orange, bright yellow, black. Choose instead calming colors such as light shades of blue, whites or muted greens.

Décor. Its nice to have a small arrangements of objects. This can be done with a small side table or DIY with a sturdy box inverted or even a space on the floor. Select a small piece of fabric to cover your table, box or floor space and then a small collection of objects that is pleasing to you will go here. Think of a special shell or stone, a candle, a small vase or scenic framed picture. This area will serve as your gazing point before and after meditation.

Must-have items

Another helpful item to have in your meditation space is some sort of timer. This can be a kitchen timer or use your phone but make sure the alarm alert is not a jarring sound to break you from your reverie. Consider including a book of poems or calming quotes to this area and consider choosing a line to read before or after your time here.

Also, if you have family or pets that might be disruptive to you when meditating, have a small sign or some way to indicate that you are in your space and would like to not be disturbed. (cats and dogs seem to sense that you are meditating and this is the time they MUST have your attention at all costs!).

How to meditate

Now you are ready to sit. And that is exactly how we refer to the practice “sitting”. So please don’t think that you have to be able to cross your legs in to a knot or any special position. Instead find a way to sit that is comfortable to you but try to do so with the spine erect, even if you need to be against a wall or chair back to do so. Rest your hands someplace on the body and then just close your eyes.

It can be challenging to stop the steady stream of thoughts so try not to become frustrated with yourself if you are unable. Instead just see if you can sit back and observe these thoughts and perhaps even notice where they arise from. Avoid “thinking” on the thoughts but instead just see them as they are and let them pass. An easy way to distract yourself from thinking thoughts is to give yourself a mantra to repeat in your mind as your breath. As simple as “in” and “out”, “let” and “go” or “here” and “now”. It can be whatever you might see as helpful to how you are feeling at that moment.

Start off with small goals like meditating for 5 minutes and see if you can build up to 10, 20 or 30. It might be nice to keep a journal and write down your feelings before and after and even noticing the difference on the days that you do not practice at all.

Check out my website for more tips on meditation, yoga and all things related to natural wellness!

How to create a zen-worthy meditation room at home


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