How life changes after a year of meditation, reveals Cyrena Lee

Image Credit: Cyrena Lee
alt DARIELLE BRITTO | Mon, 14 Mar 2016-08:43am , dna webdesk

What this woman discovers after meditating for 365 days

When Cyrena Lee read about the benefits of meditation, she decided to participate in a #100daychallenge and commit to a routine by practising it for 20 minutes everyday.

In the beginning, simply sitting and focusing on breathing for just five minutes was a challenge for her. “I would have a million thoughts crossing my mind, and get caught up in what I had to do rather than being present in the moment, ” she told dna. “It felt like trying to run a marathon without ever having trained. It wasn’t easy, and I didn’t immediately feel ‘great’ at it, but I always felt better afterwards”.

After sticking to the challenge for more than a year now, her life has completely transformed. “I left a bad relationship, got a job I’m passionate about, and even left New York City, where I lived for 10 years and for so long couldn’t imagine living elsewhere, for a life in the mountains,” she revealed.

Before incorporating meditation into her life, Lee says she was constantly distracted by worry and negative thoughts – not feeling good enough, or the feeling of wanting and lacking. However, the journey led her to a path of self-discovery, where she now feels like a different person.

“I don’t react immediately to things, I don’t get lost in anxious worry cycles and I focus far more on the positive than the negative,” she said. “Now I feel able to be mindful in all areas of my life and more able to focus on how I want to accomplish my goals. I feel more appreciative of the every day, of tiny things like having a cup of tea or trading a smile with a stranger.”

Starting her mornings by meditating, Lee says sets up her entire day. “It’s made me far more productive, centred, and creative. I no longer just roll out of bed and start my day, I wake up with purpose and clarity,” she said.

Her advice to people wanting to get started and reap the benefits as well, is to try it for a week to 30 days. Lee explains, “Meditation isn’t some obscure, unattainable practice, it truly can be for everyone even if it’s just five minutes. Nobody is too busy.”


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