Let the NEO meditation device do all the work!

A year I think went by since I purchased the IDL-22 from James…I in the past bought the IDL-12 when it was available for sell. It created or manifested things I wouldn’t have been able to do myself even if I hired experts to do it for me! The IDL-12 brought my retirement to pass! I retired officially at 53 years old. I am not 58 and kicking. Getting back to the IDL-12, I loaned it out to a friend and never got it back! Well, this gave me the excuse to purchase the IDL-22.

I used it on and off but mostly off! So about two weeks ago I began to use the IDL-22 and I was using it every other day for about 5 minutes only. The 45 minutes required to set there and meditate didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me because I already told the NEO what I wanted! I let the NEO do all the work!

Within the two weeks for only 5 minutes every other day, we were told there was a land sale in the Philippines and my wife was going to get her deceased fathers inheritance in the next month or so. This was no surprise we knew the family was in gridlock for two years trying to sell the land. So my wife gave up on it. I didn’t! So I brought it to NEO to figure out and it did! She will be receiving the proceeds soon!

But someone was sent to the hospital over there and if he didn’t go the land would still be in dispute. This is why we got to be so careful using this copper device like this with human hair, we just gave the NEO the key to our DNA makeup! Once that key is turned and the event happens there is no turning it back.



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