Synchronicities Happen Like Crazy!

I just wanted to reply I am an owner of the IDL-22 I use it off and on…I have been using it every other day this week! I was using 4 types of protocols, one for astral projection, Remote Viewing, some monetary needs and “psychic” protocol. I use to own the IDL-12 about 5 years ago! During that time I wanted to retire but there just was no way to do so. I worked for the state but I started in life too late. I was 45 at the time and I am now 58 years old. I would be 76 in order to collect state retirement. No hope! Until I met James Rink who told me about this crazy box!

I decided to give it a try, besides this is my retirement work to test trial “Fringe” science things being sold online then I put the results if any on my site. I talked about the NEO in great lengths on that site and what it did for us. To make it short for brevity sake, “Manifestations and “Synchronicities” were happening like crazy! Everything in about 30th to the 40th our of one hour a day meditations all our desires were coming to pass! Everything we thought we wanted would manifest through other people or through some crazy place being there and the right place and at the right time!

We were essentially blindsided! We didn’t know what to think would happen when using the NEO and now we know! Years later including today I purchased the IDL-22 which was 2X the power of my IDL-12 that I owned in the past. It’s only been two weeks with on and off five minute protocol only, not one hour! It seems to me that 5 minutes is all that is needed to activate the NEO.


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  1. Zulie said:

    I am reprinting a comment I made to super hyper dimensional. HI Dan, Thanks so much for your blog and writing about the Neo Cubes. I have two cubes, IDL 13 Skullem, and IDL 22. Your post inspired me to meditate 1 hour a day, I do have an hour a day. I did meditate with the Neo’s on an off not as great as you. Thank you for writing about your experiences which is inspiring me, yes the Neo’s do manifest quickly for the little meditation that I did. I did the 8 minute lottery video that James has and yes I did win the lottery which was $2.00 I have never had any success with manifesting so fast with the Neo cubes. I did win the lottery I definitely could win the big jackpot one day but there was more to meditating with the lottery cd than just winning it brings me to a very relaxing state and makes me feel wonderful I have so much PTSD and blockages that I didn’t continue consistantely but I am working on it. And I had to write to you, your experiences were just right for me to read at this moment and to forgo the anxiety outside of myself and go within, it so difficult with so much distractions I will read your blogs to get more inspiration and what could be possible. Namaste Zulie

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