Lucid Dream Enhancer

Last night, it took me 5 minutes to do the “Psychic”  protocol, I placed the NEO before I started on its own pillow. Then after my five minutes I picked up the pill with the NEO on top and placed it down on the floor. I must have fell asleep! This morning it was around 9:30 am I knew this because my wife woke me up at 10:00am. You know banker hours! During that sleep she was anxious to tell me what happened to her in her dream. Little did she realize how anxious I was to tell her what happened in my dream! I dreamed about the old flying brick they retired not too long ago at NASA. It was carrying a payload of some kind of ballistic missile. The Challenger began to lift off from the pad and I was right there watching everything! The shuttle got no more then 3/4 away from the launch site and its engines stalled and it came crashing down! Then I seen silos opening up and missiles coming up and out of them only to stall and come crashing back to the launch pad.

Right before my wife woke me up, after the last debacle of the crash, a big steel front truck who hauls those missiles on a flat bed was running out of control after the sudden crash and was heading right towards where I was standing! I jumped out of the way before it crashed into the wall that was behind me and then as I said, my wife woke me up! She told me last night she was handed a “Green” colored piece of flat food that was cut in a rectangle form, she bit off some and said it taste horrible. She broke it open to find worms (small) of all shapes and sizes and she told me she nearly puked in her sleep and she forced herself to wake up.

All this happened because I was obedient to the call of my inner consciousness warning me the way I should use this NEO


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