Daily Meditation for Energy

Daily Affirmation for January 27, 2016 #affirmation #inspiration - "Daily meditation energizes my whole being.":

In this sacred moment you recognise that You are Free.
You are Whole.
You are Pure.
You are Vibrant.
You are Health.
You are Abundance.
You are Infinite Energy.
You are a being of Love.
You are Eternal.
You are Infinitely Powerful.
You are Sacred and Divine.
you Love who you are, you Love yourself.
The same energy that flows through planets, stars and galaxies flows through your entire being.
You are connected to everything and everything is connected to you.
You are essential to the Whole.
You are the Whole.
you know that you can handle any situation.
Every experience is here for your growth, enjoyment and development.
you have nothing to fear. You are greater than all your experiences.
you trust Life.
you trust the process.
you trust all things are beautiful.
you see the beauty in all things.
you know that You are worthy of love.
you know that You are so unique and special, and loved for every specialty that you radiate to the world.
you love who you are.
You are comfortable with who you are.
…and hundreds more like these.

Meditate Daily with your Neo device




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