Manifest Your Desires

The answer about human hair inside the neo device, doesn’t come as surprise to a radionic practitioner because radionic machines use dry blood or hair or nail samples, it is said that the smaller parts are the sum of the whole. It is a genetic map for the torsion generator to follow when you are using it! That is what seems to make it human like after you hit your 30-40th one man hours of mediation with the device.

People this stuff are not play toys! These are the real deals! You got to be extremely careful when using the copper NEO! This device is still an unknown to us who had it for quite sometime. It does fascinating things but you could get hurt as well! This no joke! It happened to me! Because I was not specific enough when I was randomly desiring to retire! The thing is it will read your thoughts and work to bring them to pass! It will telepathically make contact with you around your 50th hour or so! It did for me on several occasions. I thought someone broke into our house several times because the voice was so articulate and loud!


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