Testimonial – God in a Box.

I receive my Gatekey and I was so excited. I used it meditatng for 15 minutes. I had
this powerful love energy ran through my heart flow. I felt the energy rush and all i felt is love. I didn’t get a vision, but that was my first experience. The Love Energy! I love my Neo

Ok, I’ll try I just didn’t want to disturb the cube. I tried the Allore Pads- I don’t know what to expect?

However today when I was waiting to be seen. The personnel called someone other then me and I unexpectedly and immediately blurted out “I Was Next.” Oh boy I guess I’m getting courage and also today I had a doctor’s appointment in which I got lost and was an hour late.

They doubted about seeing me but it was unusual that I was NOT concern about it and sure thing- I didn’t wait long before they called me in. My doctor said “You were an hour late and we take back to back appointments- but you are lucky because someone cancelled.”

It’s the subtle incidents that I’m aware of -the incidents that I just mention and like looking down at my feet and finding a dollar bill.

I’m eternal grateful and I’m Aware. I thank the Neo- God in a Box.



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