A Geometrical Theory of the Aether Utilizing Tetrahedrons

A Geometrical Theory of the Aether Utilizing Tetrahedrons

“Tetryonics takes quantized energy and angular momenta, which is normally expressed in the form of Planck’s Constant, and says there is one form with two properties either side of that one form. The form being an equilateral triangle and the two properties being positive and negative charge.


Any neutral energy quanta, or triangle will have a positive side and a negative side when floating in free space and being measured. As its charge measurement goes, even though it has the properties of positive and negative, it will in fact be neutral. This has led to a lot of problems in the detection and formulation of Quantum Mechanics from our Classical viewpoint.


https://keychests.com/?ck=dgvpbzpwnaiv  by HoloFractal Explorer

What must be stressed and what will be seen as you go further and further into Tetryonics, is that the entire universe and everything in it boils down to just ONE geometry. As we’ve discussed that geometry is an equilateral triangle. It is positive and negative charge on either side and as soon as large quanta of those geometries are broken up into separate charges, all they want to do is seek equilibrium.


It doesn’t matter if it’s charge equilibrium or if it’s energy equilibrium, they just want to equalize out into the most stable state they can find. In doing so they create all the nuclear interactions we are familiar with along with the large scale interactions such as gravity. They are also responsible for the Familiar Law of opposites attract and similars repel.


‘Tetryonics – the Charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter’ whose founding principle is that of EQUILATERAL energy is the foundational geometry for all quantum mechanical processes is presented here as just such a solution to the current quandaries of Quantum Mechanics.


Equilateral energy geometries offer a completely different explanation for the source of electrostatic charges and their associated magnetic moments.”–ABRAHAM


– Holofractalexplorer


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