I love it :)

I have received my Skullem about 2 weeks ago and I have to say, I love it 🙂

I am energy sensitive person and after second meditation with cube I felt it’s energy flow which was great  (I felt so full of energy after meditation).

So I’m sending you these mail because you’re more familiar with cube than I am at the moment.

I wan’t to activate my inner vision /third eye or whatever people are calling that. In some of my meditation I see, for a short period of time some kind of pulsing shapes (triangular shapes), but usually they disappear.

So how to improve vision in meditations with Skullem, what to ask it ect.

Oh and i have to say; you’re Super solder talk is great. Since i found you, I haven’t miss one show and i think that you’re doing great job, so respect for that .

Thank you for answer.
Ask your device to inject you with clairvoyance serums and connect with the crystal skull grid.  Also load up your box with quartz and lapis. Thanks for the feedback enjoy your skullem. – James Rink

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