Triad Protocol Neo Meditation

Triad Protocol Neo Meditation

Triads were originally utilized by government psychics in the 1950’s as a way to project energy for manifestation. Here a group of three people would stand in a triangular formation in an empty room and then hold their hands close together but not touch each. These users would then project energy into a fourth person in the center and they would then project the energy into whatever they were trying to manifest. In the 1990s with the development of Silva Mind control training, this protocol was changed slightly so that instead of holding their hands up users would instead visualize energy coming out of each other, this would found to be more effective and powerful.

In this exercise you will need at least three neo units. You can also use three people or even pets if you are able to telepathically receive their permission. At this point surround yourself with three neo units so that you are sitting in the middle of a triangular formation. If you have more neo units you can also use a chain, circle, square, and hexagon formation, but the triangle seems to be the most effective for new triad users.

Original Air Date: Friday, May 18. 2012
Hosted by: James Rink

To get a neo for this meditation please visit us at.

DISCLAIMER – Offered to treat for entertainment purposes only. Neological Technologies and James Rink is to be held harmless by all third parties.


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