I really love my IDL60!…

Hello James…

I really love my IDL60! I want to upgrade sometime in the future to the IDL80 I really want to experience the full power…whenever I can afford it.

I have been doing some of your sessions here on youtube and I can really experiece the effects of this machine! What is so disappointing about it is it only lasts ten minutes or so. ( I know it is free) When I really get into it and really feel the full effects of it it is overrrrr I hate that! If theses sessions was an hour long it would be too AWESOME!!!!!

Do you have any cd’s with these sessions on it that is at least an hour long? If you do not can you make me some and I will be glad to pay for it Please whenever you have the time. Just a few I know it will take forever if you did all the sessions but I will pay for it and gladly.

When I do sessions on my own I cannot remember all so the effects are not that great… with yours I did not want to come out of it!! It was awesome!!!

When you were doing the sesssions you keep saying device increase and I felt it increase I did not say it you did it was great!! It felt too good!! If you cannot do this I understand but you would make a lot of money selling the sessions on cd!! Or make them an hour long on youtube whatever I would love it!!

Please let me know I woul;d appreciate it.


Hi B that is a great idea to compose longer soundtracks to sell. The problem is the music I choose isn’t my original work so i cant sell it. If I could find a decent musician willing to compose a track for me then I could go for a hour. Sadly most of the free music isn’t so good.   I listen to Kelly Howell – Brain Sync everyday.


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