Para nuestro público mexicano

ME XHIC CO is most relevant in these End Times because:

– The synchronous ray coming from the Galaxy’s center is going to reach Mexico first, specifically Mexico City on Dec. 21, 2012.
– Revelation 12 foretold the apparition of Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, 1500 years before it happened. And she prophesized with his appearance 500 years ago the planetary birth, which is going to start in Mexico precisely NOW.
– The Mexican Lady of Guadalupe is the only Virgin in the world who is pregnant. She is the Mother of God, but also embodies Gaia, who is pregnant of the new humanity -which is about to be born.
– The Orion belt is at her feet, symbolizing that she will crush the ‘fallen angels‘ (exiled reptilians who took Earth as home).
– She has protected Mexico and its people since 1531, through internal and foreign wars and social revolts.
– Mexico has been a peaceful country by nature, who has been visited more than any other by the ET Liberation forces (associated with the celestials -including Mother Mary), particularly since 1991. Including massive fleet sightings.
– The ET contactee Sixto Paz makes this case clear with lots of information (including the superimposition of the image of Guadalupe with Mexico, as well as with the Iztaccihuatl volcano):
– All indicates that the great planetary birth will occur first in Mexico ( That is why the shadow government of the world has imposed harsh conditions on it, particularly since 30 years ago, including: starvation and anihilation of its people (replacing the native corn with GMO, forced toxic vaccinations, etc.), degradation of the environment, corrupt (foreign-imposed) governments and free trade (to promote the interests of foreign corporations and enslave the national economy), economic and financial crisis (including the highest debt in the world), ‘anti’ communist/terrorist/drugs wars, health pandemics (including the lab-manufactured 2009 influenza AH1N1), and so on. 
– Nonetheless, the Atlantis-rooted Mexican people are very resilient and spiritual, and on last year’s Mexico Independence Day (Sept. 15, 2011) have achieved (in conjunction with the celestials and galactis) the beginning of the process of showering the Earth with the Divine Light that will transform this reality (

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