Experiences with the Rainbow Bridge

James I wanted you to know your recent rainbow bridge meditation is so powerful. I experienced being one with everything and the world and the way you walk me through the meditation is just awesome.

This is the third time I have meditated with the rainbow bridge using my cube. I like how it’s longer then your other meditations which I really liked. When I finished it last night I was like omg this is so powerful.

When you took me into the pleaidiain light ship and had me dial up the computer to listen to the plans of the Illuminati  All I could hear is how scared they were. They are afraid of what the people will do to them and just want things to get better for the whole world now and don’t want to see the planet fall into chaos. For some reason they are now honoring Saint Germains plan for humanity. Then when you instructed me to look into the future 10 years to see what the world would be like. All I could see is a blast of brilliant golden light and couldn’t see anything wrong and could feel peace that the world will survive and thrive and the people will be set free from their enslavement. Everything is going to be beautiful.  James you should know this. I been using the cube for almost a year now and will continue using it even more now.

Thank you for your neo meditations they are so amazing. I want to know who is directing you. I feel you truly are being guided. When I first saw your documentary Change is on the Horizon I knew I had to look you up on goggle and YouTube then I had to get a Neo. My friend’s haven even commented it’s the best documentary they have ever seen.

Recently I was forced to go back to work. I never thought I would go back because I retired and I was waiting for a settlement which didn’t come through. So now I had to get another job, but my new job is only paying a tiny amount of what I used to make. But despite this I feel like something big is about to happen in the next week or so. I think all the hard work you did not only with your meditations but with Change is on the horizon is finally going to manifest into being.

Thank- You


No problem before I was working with the Neo. I was out of work and without anything better to do i spent my savings making change is on the horizon only to give it away freely without any expectation of monetary return.  It was my hope that someone could see it and be inspired to become a catalyst of change required to bring about the changes. Change is on the Horizon now how has 400,000 views. $30,000 and 3 years of hard work is now about to pay off.

You know I used to have a severe speech impeidment. In 2005 I couldn’t talk at all hardly. In 2010 when Change is on the Horizon came out my voice was so so and now with help with the neo I feel I have healed it. Thank you for your kind words this made my day.


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