Pineal Gland Stargate

The pineal gland is the key organ that operates as our bodies own hyperdimensional stargate. The ancients of every culture used symbolism paying homage specifically to the pineal gland. While the physiological necessity and function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, ancient mystical traditions and metaphysical practitioners have long known that this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between various dimensional worlds – physical and spiritual.

Stargates permit passage between space-time locations in MULTIPLE Universes & density levels. This is more than just ‘time travel’ folks, its inter-dimensional travel. If you research “pineal stargate” a lot of the same information comes up:

“The Pineal Gland is a hyper dimensional Stargate built into our human physiology which enables us to Time Travel. This technology was reverse engineered by the ancient Atlantean society. The stargate functions by the use of ordinary water, H2O. When shielded off from all [interfering] electromagnetic[s]… The water can shift and have a connection made to an inverted reality of time/space… This is accomplished through tiny molecules within the pineal gland water called microclusters. These micro clusters are depicted in plutonic solid geometry shapes. The microclusters form a resonant gateway which allows transition into time/space.”

The pineal gland is aqueous, meaning it contains and is surrounded by biological fluid. The fluid is often described as water, but it contains biological information [DNA] which means it’s actually more like cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid contains piezoelectric calcite crystals. [Piezoelectric simply means that when the crystals are stressed or cause to vibrate they generate an electrical voltage that can be coupling]. Using Kundalini chakra energy [“Kundalini Activation” is the balancing of all of the chakra energy centers and bringing them into high vibratory resonance], and allowing it to vibrate from your root chakra up, will cause the pineal gland to vibrate. When the pineal gland vibrates the fluid it sits in will vibrate as well. This causes the calcite crystals to resonate, “stressing” the crystals and creating the piezoelectric voltage. Since this piezoelectro-magnetism has coupling properties this makes possible the connecting to any external electromagenetic field, including those of other dimensions, which can then gate us over.

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  1. authorthat said:

    I’d like to find a spot for this article on my blog. Already written out. Dr. Deagle has a total body & pineal gland detox protocol . My friend Dr Mike Castle discovered the welsbach seeding program. He is also a pilot, and a Polymer Chemist. He uses, as do I, information from Dr Milewski, his link at the top of my site. Raymond Rife, making orgone generators or accumulators. Black magnitite sand is great for turning grey hair back to the former color & a lot more. Like Len Horowitz & Emoto teach, 528 freq of the healing codes, and uncorrupted solfeggio.

    David Sereda shows a great view of the double torroid design of the superluminal craft. It’s frequency which goes extremely high & out of our range of vision. or dimension. In the human fleet, the pilots have a symbionic mental connection. They are high in psy ability as preferred and in the observation that this is a double torroid, this follows that the heart chakra is also portrayed as a torroid. Naturally the observers view is different than that of the occupants in the craft. It’s been said that, you could be given a ride on one, but upon return, you would not remember you were ever on board, unless you had proof of taking something from somewhere.

    • i went through your blog, you are very informed thanks for sharing wish more people know what was going on in the world like you do. I couldnt find anything wrong really with what was on there . maybe a little too much focus on dr deagle as he seems to promote fear mongering which makes me think even though there is a darkside agenda there is also a side countering it and the work you are doing plays a small part in that if it helps waken someone up. Thanks

  2. authorthat said:

    Hello James,

    It’s what you see…when your looking. People need to look for great, true and beautiful things. With the eyes of their heart. The intent by a focus on Dr. Deagle is not so much to fear monger. There is a world of sin between responsibility and authority. Once you have it come to your understanding that prayer has been answered, it changes your life. My mother was taken in the days of 9/11. That day changed my life. The intensity of this battle in our parsect of this multiverse is orders of magnitude greater & will only increase, as the adversary is increasingly forced down to beneath our feet in the angelic war over our souls. Cern is the master gate .The trinity openings will bring the return of the nephillim giants whose appearance on the surface will stop the hearts of men by fear for those things coming on the face of the earth. He will rise again in the abomination that will desolate after the 3.5 years of false peace the obamination wants to ratify. Only a US president can do this. He also has a 2nd seat of power in the UN, against the constitution which is just a piece of paper legalistically speaking. He…is the false prophet. The jesuit Petrus Romanus is the whore of Babylon who sacrifices to the adversary on the alter beneath the Vatican. He now recalls the splinter religions to himself as God calls the ten lost tribes to himself. Bothe the adversary and Jesus come to separate each to their own. The time of the gentiles is ending. The pope appoints the crowns to the possessed that are royalty who are of mixed blood, and are the synagogue of satan. They who call themselves Jews yet are not. The head of the sixth house of the council of druids is Baron Guy De Rothschild and is the pindar (penis of the dragon), symbolized by the obelisk in the three city states.

    I am very informed because I declared all out WAR on the synagogue of satan bringing a return to the days of Noah, and God answered my undeserving heart in prayer to see lies and truth. The nephillim walk among us in increasing numbers & the people have no eyes to see. My background has a great deal more meaning to me now that it makes a great deal more sense to what I experienced. An amazing purpose to which my limited mind could never have imagined if I had never prayed that particular prayer. Between my mothers death & burial her prayer in tongues came to me & with a total lack of discernment & ironed a stupid shirt !. I went into complete rebellion for years. Now I understand why.

    I had the heart of a hardened soldier. Able to kill without thought by training. Born without emotional attachment or bonding in the first very vital 18 hours of birth as I was isolated for the first two weeks from any contact with people, which nearly destroyed my life. No heart muscle electromagnetic resonating with either parent. I was sent home to die but survived it. Normally this would have placed me in and out of institutions for criminal and anti social behaviour, for life. I am fortunate I had tremendous parents.

    It should not have been possible, but today I am a well adjusted family man. I am well traveled, largely self educated, and have been self employed since leaving the military. My grade 12 is from a vocational / trades school, since in Quebec where I moved away from, highschool began in grade 7. So, half my formal school is all trades. My grades were excellent but only in the last few years. Before that, I was always a poor student. The only other schools I have been too I was invited to speek at. I have no university education to blind me. The PHD gets merely 4% of the sum total knowledge in the field chosen. The Holy spirit within us trumps multiples of this every time with ease.

    Being part scott & irish, my strength as was that of my mothers, is intuition. It also means I have discovered I am Hebrew. My mother was bearing fruit. She had refused membership to MENSA. I asked her why. She said…for the same reason her dad had refused promotion to top cop of the nation as Chief of Police of the Ottawa police force. Instead they made a new rank for him as sgt. major. He was the leading voice for the Ontario police union for the Ottawa force. Thanks to him they have the benefits they have and a union.

    I have connected the dots in many institutions of man, much of which is not on that blog. No institution from the mind of man can resolve the issues brought from the mind of the adversary who hold nine stones of knowledge from the mind of God. He and his have nothing of their former glory save intellect. That’s why for those in the physical, they need superluminal craft to travel. Those on the earth in the spirit that tempt man are the former nephillim who were the giants that will return.

    I have some experience in international finance, ( extreme leveraging of the bankers paper traunches), personal asset management, life insurance, health insurance, mutual funds, import / export which included the attempt to broker the sale of an oil refinery, and 13 years in the field of energy deregulation. My stripmining venture located 11 miles NE of Independence Ca. was never financed due to interference of the red shield at every source. They know exactly what is there. Their interference cost me a billion dollar opportunity. After all, how dare I scratch the earth for profit without their approval or dirty little hands in the pie. My partial team I developed for management were sent to dig test pits from 9 to 15 feet deep. I had assays showing proven reserves of better than a 5 to 1 ration of platinum group metals to gold in a concentrate. It makes Murry “The Pez” of the Vancouver exchange look like a hotdog stand next to a highrise building, with what my reserves were showing. To this day, nothing has been done on the 640 acres. I had a 50/50 joint venture with Dr. Grey PHD geologist that came to nothing. The region is an erosion exposed batholith & laccolith formation unique to the western hemisphere.

    The largest pool of abiotic oil for example is in the shape of a hook to draw nations of the muslim confederates & later the Russians, to attack Israel. The gas leases have more than doubled for drilling beneath the water, but the real story will be the future discovery of 27.3 trillion barrels of oil beneath the land. (This will cause mass migration and enlarge the borders of Israel all the way from Euphrates to the Nile, and will include Saudi Arabia.) It has developed because of the overflow sourced from Israel, and it belongs to the tribe of Asher. The drilling will reduce pressure as the Saudi’s cease payment of 1.5 million per year not to drill. Their wells will dry up and cause the first attack of the confederates which Israel will win against all the belief of the so called experts.

    God has spiritually called out to the ten lost tribes and the eyes of Ephraim are opening. I have found the proof of the exodus only now coming out slowly and in obscurity. The location of the ark of the covenant is in Jeremiah’s grotto, twenty feet below the site of the cross. Snow flakes at the base of mount sinai where the base of the alter of the bull is fenced off and (not where the world thinks and the maps show.), are shaped like the star of david, because the black mountain has original soil on the outside which is void of the frequency corruption like the rest of the planet. An effect of God’s presence giving the ten commandments to Moses. The tablets have been removed from inside the ark and placed on to a shelf, discovered in Jan 1982. One focus is on Dr. Deagle…because he, is the witness of Ephraim. He is also the direct bloodline descendent of Aaron and Moses. He has called out the witness of Judah who is Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger. I am under the ministry of a major prophet of God and the leader of the 144,000. That which was given to us by God, will be ours again. About the time of enforcement of the mark of the beast, will be shown the blood of Jesus from the western side of the mercy seat, taken and tested to be alive, and having the chromosome count of the line of david and the single Y from his father the almighty God. This is God’s testimony of his son. The entire body of Christ in one enormous testimony, from the foundations of the world.

    The practice of Kundilini is the opposite force for spiritual enlightenment to be guided by the holy spirit instead. The adversary is not creative, as he mimicks those things of God as an angel of light that will deceive the whole world, accept for the elect. The doctor also has the protocol for whole body & pineal gland detox. Badly needed due to the DNA altering geoengineering, toxic water, GMO food, and the entire electronic cage, right down to morgellons victims. The nano scale self replicating robitic array using one’s own minerals and electrochemical conductivity to seal off the gland and replace it with the frequencies that lead to mental and spiritual blindness and eternal death. Already proven in places like the unfinished business of Gulf war 1 for example. Do not empty the mind to allow the serpent to climb up the spine. This is the chord of living waters that lead to the soul in the lower chest.

    The realm of chaos or entropy that is of 5 dimensions and are mastered by the fallen. There are seven other dimensions of the spiritual or non entropy that require the guidance of the holy spirit & presence of God’s angelic to move in. There are no opinions in this realm, only “the way it is”, where all of vast creation exist in the knowing of his presence. It is not possible to survive the condition of Christ’s return in all power as it will burn up all the waters like the presence of the sun 100 feet away, and the leveling of all land, that will crush those in the underground that are demonized by the inability to die, by the taking of the mark. It is the overcoming of the first dragon which is the self, that births the eternal soul in man, that in the end, will be transfigured to meet him.

    It is the body, that is the temple for God to live in, that joins with the leading of the holy spirit alive in the world. Without the presence of his spirit in the world, life would not be possible for he is the great restrainer. The body is as the temple of Solomon who allowed the great sin that separated the house of Judah from the northern tribes that are the houses of Joseph, Ephraim and Israel. The lost ten tribes. These cannot be recognized by the color of skin or language. The perfect language of Hebrew is being returned to us. In this are the songs of Moses and the 144,000 to worship at the mount, in energetic and supernatural perfection, when we flee from the abomination that desolates.

    Hell itself is in the shape of the body. This is in the center of the earth, laying on it’s back. The belly is 3 miles wide and 15 miles high. Circular, the walls are tier after tier of jail cells with a demon guard every 15 feet and a soul within awaiting final judgement on that great day. The dead in Christ know nothing as they sleep. They are beyond time waiting for the angel to place his feet in the water and on the land and pronounce there is time no longer. Time…where all that was, is, where all that is, is, where all that will be, is. And so we will be with the Lord. Feel free to email me at

    In service for other,

    • kevin brice said:

      its important to create harmony between groups and individuals. its necessary to overcome ignorance(based on fear) and arrogance(based on anger) of the ego(lower mind). we can’t truthfully claim that we are the only ones or the only way. that is from ignorance and arrogance of the ego, even amongst some with seeming higher abilities, i.e. psychic abilities and abilities to read minds and project thoughts. even top secret government agencies like the c.i.a., etc. have developed the technologies for those simple abilities. the abilities of the 144,000 and others are already superseding those abilities. realize, all originates from infinite living space, including infinite physical realities or universes, coming in and out of physical reality. higher consciousness does not think in terms of limitation.

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