9D Light Beings

James I just went to your site and watched your video… before you said it, I was told to visualize the cube in my lap and got the pulsing and strong crown chakra activity…in fact the crown chakra activity started as soon as I switched on the video, as your beings ( the good ones, 9D light ones) were already interacting with me. Then I followed your instructions – star gate etc…different from how I meditate but within seconds my energy field went planetary, as it does anyway when I work on my own, but felt strong presence of yours galactic beings with me – so lets call it planetary plus…very interesting. when you said in the video “you can do this on your own just visualize the cube” I always fell off my chair as that’s exactly the words I heard, just 3 minutes or so prior to you saying it and I was already doing it and pulsing by that time. Well that is all i got for now. Much love and wishing you well.


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