Neo Units

Hi James,

I hope I don’t offend you. I need to know, what are your views on Kosol Ouch’s IDL units? It seems that he has changed his complete inventory to Tesseract units which cost a whole lot more than what he used to sell. Just last month, his “normal” seashell units were selling for less than $200 (which he claims is way more powerful than your Neo devices).Now everything is almost $1k and up. I am not trying to drag you into any kind of mud-slinging match here, but as a sincere meditation practitioner, I hope you can shed some light on why the 2 broke off your business relationship. As I understand, he was the one who came up with the earlier NEO IDL units, eg. IDL-4, IDL-12, wasn’t he? And people were raving about how powerful those earlier units were.

So why did he suddenly turn around and accuse you of changing the designs and trying to harm humanity with your modified designs? Sorry if this is a sore point with you, I just need to know.


Kosol and I where working on plans to create a free energy and anti gravity device. Also we where using our cubes to edit the timeline so the dark cabal would be defeated and NESARA would be announced. In April 2011 Kosol starting getting phone calls from a NSA liaison threatening to kill him if he refuses to meet with the Cabal Head. He wanted to discuss what to do with Neologicaltech and James Rink. After Kosol returned from this meeting ,sometime in June 2011 his personality was different. He was very ugly towards me and many of my clients. Also he demanded i stop selling his original design and promote the sell seashell design instead which was in direct contradiction to what he told me earlier that the metal version is superior. Eventually he double crossed me by setting up baramay behind my back ending any contract obligations.

In December 2011 Kosol was rescued from a underground facility by a team of pleaidian black ops and soon after contacted me so that I can warn others not to get a baramay as the cabal had put a clone of himself in his place to sabotage the work we where doing. He informed me they are placing materials inside the baramay which cause your consciousness to be possessed by the DNA inside the unit which i assume is from the clone.

Three weeks later he turned on me, he claimed to be demon, and starting promoting baramay again against his own advice. So sadly I had no choice but to break off all contact. The one who now styles himself as Kosol is a clone and is programmed with a job to do. Listen to your inner voice within and let it guide you to the truth. The full story can be found here.

I believe Kosol is with the pleaidians now. In honor of his work we continue to make the original designs that “we developed together.”

  1. Dr.P said:

    OK! Now I know who the guy who posted all those sea shell based stuff under my Neo IDL 22 Gate Key photo on my Facebook is! Personally didn’t think much of his equipment, as I thought that he was spamming my page! (I have deactivate my Facebook for some time so that I can focus on more important work!)

  2. Dr.P said:


    • Kosol contacted me as well. He claimed he was in a interdimensional ship and lost track of me and recently found out what timeline i was on and took over his cloned body to talk to me , you, and some others. I don’t think he is around now though. Just best to follow your own intuition to what you believe is the best path for you in this life.

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