The IDL-80 Gatekey and I

I got my IDL 80. My impression from the first 25 minute session/meditation (and so far I have done 6 … 25 minutes each morning/25 minutes each evening), is/was/the-feel-of-it that we’re in for a long relationship (the IDL-80 and I), and that there will be a process of learning/of coming-together. I am also trying different places to get a feel of where the best spot is. It’s kind of funny in that you expect things to come together in a certain way (and life seems to like to keep it interesting); in this case I expected the IDL-80 to start out with a bang so-to-speak (much more power/sensation than initially felt with the IDL-22). We’ll see though as things go along; not being of a gifted physic type (not vibrationally connected on that level), I imagine it will take longer to establish that familiarity/that connectiveness.

For now, patience is what comes to my mind when in session (this is still new to me as well), so going to go with the flow and keep learning (becoming more informed) from your website as time permits. I have already read much and have already have a good familiararity for/with people like Dr. Bruce Lipton, David Wilcock, Pane Andov, etc. YouTube Video 43:12 “James Rink on Ascension, Neo Meditations and NESARA”, I found interesting to say the least (lol … stuck with you all the way through), as there are a great many things happening that most people have no awareness. While I haven’t been able to see, touch, feel these things for myself … the world is anything but what we’ve been told (at least from what I have learned and continue to seek truth). I remember listening to George Kavassilas regarding those earth quakes that took place in Virginia and Colorado (I believe those were the places and both took place relatively close time wise … like same day) … he said the same thing … that those were underground bases; they were first evacuated (ET level), and then dustified (for lack of a better word) and made unusable.
Anyways … thank you and lol … I am calling the IDL-80 “Biggie” … geezola … it is rather big :-). Will let you know if anything interesting happens.

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