Help my Hairloss

Dear James,
I am writing to you from Mumbai, India. I write to you regarding the panic and trauma sensations I experience on my scalp and body since last 10 years. In 2002, After recovering from malaria, i noticed a few strands of my hair falling and that set up a deep panic boom inside me and since then those deep rooted fears have multiplied and translated into painful hot pricking and pulling sensations on my scalp and body. 
I have tried several therapies to heal myself in the last 10 years – conventional psychotherapy, transliminal hypnotherapy, silva mind control, hypnotherapy, past life regression, EFT, TAT, BSFF, NLP, ,somatic experiencing, pranic healing, chakra healing, Reiki, rebirthing breathwork, matrix energetics, soul healing and many more.. 
But the trauma sensations i feel on my scalp and body continue to remain, the sensations are triggered esp at workplace(associating workstress/pressure) with hairloss, any situation which triggers stress, ppl attention on my hair, going to a new place etc.
These sensations and associated negative patterns have wrecked my life and am not able to progress in life. I dont know how to heal them now.
I was on the net and read about your work with Neo/regeneration  will be able to help me. I have shaved my hair becoz of the hairloss created by dandruff and scalp irritation from the sensations.
I write to you with great hope to free me from the stuck trauma, pls help me in anyway u can
You should go to this forum and fill out the survey and post it for the doctor to help you.

In the meantime I would learn how to do self hypnosis and write up a hypnotic script and listen to it once a day on a mp3 player until you are healed. It may take years but at least you will be making some progress. I used to have crooked teeth because I couldn’t afford braces and used hypnosis. 4 years later using daily hypnosis they are almost perfectly straight. 

The neo cube will help you relax and feel good but those methods i just told you is the best thing for you to do at this time. You can use grabovoi numbers and a radionic machine as well as self hypnosis with your Neo. Together with homeopathic remedies and meditation i see you getting better. A
nd If you still like a neo use coupon code “james” to get it 10% off. 


 James Rink


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  1. Dr.P said:

    Hair fall happens to many after hectic fevers like Typhoid, Malaria, etc. As suggested by James, Homeopathy can work magic under a good prescriber! Mumbai has some of the best Homeopaths in the world, and a visit to the one nearest might help!

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