The Neo-Cube is Very Powerful and Timeless

Hi James,
Last night 02-12-2013 I watched your interview with William Ross. After the interview I was about to shut it off when you said meditation, I decided to go along with you and do the mediation.
I knit a lot and always have constant pain in my in the joints below my thumbs. I do not pay much attention to the pain, it is always there everyday. When you started the mediation I felt the chi energy in the middle of my palms and the energy intensified and shot to the joints just below my thumbs like needles and was very painful which took me by surprise. But I kept on and finished the mediation with you, by than the pain was gone. When I got up this morning I had no pain in my thumb joints. I do not have a neo-cube yet, but in the mean time I will keep meditating with you as much as I can. I know about chi energy since I have done chi-kung mediation. Your meditations using the neo-cube is very powerful and timeless. Thank you!

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