Elixir of Life

James I haven’t heard of RnA drops until you just showed me, but I must say I’m a bit skeptical. You see, there IS a recipe for St. Germain’s philosopher’s stone but I’m not sure it’s found in any of these latest life elixirs hitting the underground market. The true formula was rediscovered by Dr. Merkl, who has since been assassinated. He dubbed the formula ‘Life Crystals’, or ‘Life Water’, and he was using it to cure AIDS in Africa during the time the RAND corp. was injecting the AIDs virus into poor african villagers. Merkl had previously worked for RAND, but in the end he turned against them.http://sun-nation.org/merkl-dr-george-merkl.html

The reason I bring this up is because since Merkl’s death, I’ve been noticing alot of people coming out with their own version of a ‘Elixir of Life’. In fact, since Merkl’s death the government has been selling a ‘clone’ of Merkl’s Life Crystals, but it’s not the real formula and it contains iodine which is harmful. (They’ve been threatening Merkl’s wife for the patent, which she inherited, and right now a good friend of mine is working with her to get the patent in good hands and get the real Life Water formula out to the world.) You mentioned trying Troika St Germain’s elixir on your neocube site; she is one of these people who is pushing fake Life Elixir, and I’ve actually been warned about her and her movement. The government created some counter-new-age groups back in the 70’s, I’m sure you already know that, but one of these groups was centered around St. Germain and the violet flame, and I was told that she was extracted from that group (I believe the group was originally based in Washington state somewhere?). The group dealt with alot with ‘walk-ins’ I’m told, and the ‘Ascended Masters’ they were letting into their bodies were actually dark agents. So Troika could very well be someone/thing else entirely, and you should use caution if you deal with her.

As far as Torika goes, I’m not sure what exactly her deal is, I don’t think she’s a clone. I have a very reliable source that said her St. Germain site had all the earmarks of beng derived from the government controlled ascendancy counter-programs. I can’t say whether or not this is actually the case with Torika, but yes I think it would be wise to remote view her as you said. Please let me know what you find.

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  1. Ryan Holub said:


    Who ever posted the above message please contact me at ryanholub@yahoo.com please. I’m very interested to know more about Dr. Merkl’s life crystal, I also have some questions.


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