Keep on Shining!

Hey James – my friend is lending me one of her Neo Infinity cubes and I am so enjoying it. The energy I feel when the device is “activated” is really clear. It feels like a lightening or brightening in my body – that starts at my feet or hands – whatever is closest to the cube. With time, I experience the energy move and spread out and about – sometimes thats more gradual. In one meditation, you asked the device to get stronger or magnify? And again, I felt that same energy – moving out through my body in waves with each step.

Ive just begun so – looking forward to what’s next. When I return the device to my friend, I plan on continuing the meditations with third eye visualization – any ideas or suggestions for this technique sans cube? Thank you for such a thoughtful and powerful creation. Keep on shining you crazy diamond!


I like the crystal skull , rainbow bridge, ho’oponono, and Rothschild pyscotronic meditations the best. Give them a try and tell me what you experience.




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