Reconstruction of an Organ

James Good morning, I learned of the Neo technology only by one day, even the scholar Ing.Grigori Grabovoi I knew nothing until yesterday. My question is topic of reconstruction of an organ, larynx, severed by accident stradale. Un my friend has this problem for 4 years.The person eats alone, but speaks with help of breath is there a way to regenerate the larynx?


Yes meditate and see a healthy larynx eventually it will be. May take years all depends on your own gifts to switch timelines. If you are having trouble finding a grabovoi number. Go down into a trance and ask your guardian angels to show you a computer on star ship Bethlehem. Ask them to show you a number code to regenerate a larynx. write it down and meditate with it as you would a grabovoi number by following the directions in the learning resources page of my website. – James


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