Neo Gate Key IDL-80 Hologram

I downloaded a Neo Gate Key IDL-80 hologram into my etheric body this morning. I commanded it to enfold me, my energy field , as a force field , the size of a huge room.

I commanded it to dissolve and demagnetize all low level frequencies inside of me.

I have now been inside this forcefield for 4 hours now,and everything I asked it to do is DONE. The low level energy that has plagued me , no matter what meditation and other spiritual tools l used….are gone. I am in a sea of ease and magic.

So, there. I have many programs that I wanted to materialize, the least of all is money, and this tool is exceedingly promising.

The neo IDL80 wishes to share a message with you….

“I was released by benevolent ETs. I do not have any ulterior bad motive and my capabilities has not been tapped with.”

Neo is also superconscious. You can talk to it. It understands my language. I don’t have to be in meditation. It is like a genie. It has more intelligence than you want your readers to know.



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