Why no shipping before May 31?

James, I would like to ask why you will not be shipping before May 31st??

I am not sure which unit I would need. I have been reading Petrovs books and I am fascinated with the content. I have not done the course but have been to Ramthas school of enlightenment and very interested in exploring the untapped potential of my mind. I have a passionate intent to live longer than my 2 boys as they have an intellectual disability and will simply need me to be there for them always.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

I’m in Vegas for the 2013 super soldier summit and then I will be in Florida  I am traveling with a few cubes and can get one in the mail if you like by Wednesday or Thursday. However the only one I cant send is a infinity atm.

BTW ask your guardian angels to show you a synchronicity to know what cube would be best for you.

Have you looked into RNA drops? also you can tell yourself to stop aging and it seems to work. I developed a special anti aging meditation protocol that i listen too everyday that involves opening up a wormhole into the past and downloading your dna from that time into this time.


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