Expenses on the IDL80


I will admit at first, the expenses on the two neo’s (mainly the second one, the idl-80) i thought were extremelllllly high, not that they weren’t warranted, i know precious metals are high and heck, I am a business owner myself, everybody deserves to make a buck in this backwards/corrupt system!

Since I’ve received these two units, the synchronicities appearing often instantaneously just as requested from the neo are happening at an unbelievable rate. Its easy for a nonbeliever to say, “ohh, well that is just a coincidence, or there is simply no way this could work”, but as prayers (im not religious but im not sure what else to call them…maybe “requests”) have been answered these “coincidences” have been continually adding up, to name just a few:

1) my sister has been trying to get into a sober home for a quite a while, since there is a long waiting list, especially in the locations she was seeking. The very next day after sending out the request that she is able to move forward in finding a sober house and continue on her recovery, she not only gets into the best sober house in the area, she gets the best room in the house…instantaneous.

side note, feel free to use any of this/these as customer testimonials on your site. you can correct grammar and add in a word or two as long as the integrity of the sentence/idea remains the same

2) My good friend’s wife had an exam dealing with massage work and therapy. She had been practicing (on me!) all week and wanted to ace this test. We set up a triad (question on this below) and focused on her obtaining a 95 or better. her grade the next day….95

3) My Aunt, my mother’s brother’s wife was in a school system in new jersey where they were cutting 75% of the jobs (net effect of firing everybody and only hiring 25% of the workforce back). Along with the family’s recent history of job/money insecurity we had sent out that she retained her job, she did!

4) Upon my sisters new job, she was/is a waitress at this brand new restaurant in town. Unfortunately thru bad or maybe nonexistent advertising or marketing the attendance was/is extremely low, and at one point not one customer went into the establishment during her shift. A prayer/request was sent out that night asking for better business so she could work more and earn more. That day she wasn’t scheduled to work at all, BUT they had more business than they could handle and had to call her in! So the day before all this, my sister had went around to local business’s and handed out the restaurant’s flyer thus most likely creating the rush, BUT how could i have known this? and those flyers could have not worked too. So again, these are the types of situations where synchronicities are piling up and depending on how you view your glasses you can either believe the box created/manifested/helped along a particular opportunity OR you can believe that had nothing to do with it, but rather her going out and actively marketing the place created that demand. BUT again, the timing with the box was perfect, there was no way i could have known she was out there doing this, besides there is no telling how well this flyer handout really worked (i doubt there was a survey prepared as to why they went in that day/night), and perhaps a combination of the box and the handouts could have caused a perfect result.

5) and counting…..there are plenty more smaller ones and maybe even a larger story or two I’m not fitting into my robo-typed email to you, but i’m more than a believer, i feel as though the assistance this device can give you is vital to some successes and further if what is claimed is true and what I’ve seen are the results, its an almost unfair bit of technology that can be used in a few “friendly” competitions throughout the years! james, who actually makes the claims as to what the device can do? the original inventor? you? the company? im just curious that’s all….there is no negativity in that question

6 actually one more real big score came when my company amcviz (construction equipment sales and rentals), sent a lift to auction to sell and it sold for twice the expected value, this was a direct answer to our requests of a continual successful run of business at AMCVIZ.

So now i have a few questions for you Bud, in the triad setup, i have the 80 in one persons lap and the 13 in somebody’s else’s lap and i have the crystal skull either in somebody else’s lap or if its only my mother and I, i just set it up at the third point in the triangle on a pillow (is this still effective, or are three people actually needed for the triad?) My mother who is very energy sensitive (she is a second degree reiki master) says she can feel an increased amount of energy in my makeshift triad setup as opposed to just using a single unit, however would you recommend using a third neo, or is the skull adequate? and then where should these units be placed, i know something has to be in the center to center the groups unity focus onto something right? how do you suggest doing this? (buying a 3rd, 4th neo)?

Q2, one day walking on the ocean for some reason i had picked up some 40 or so rocks that looked as if they shined or looked at me a little differently. Now fast forward two years, i just refound the rocks doing a clean out of my garage and immediately the thought of these rocks and possibly their energies are connected to the neo and or skull(s)? thoughts on this?, also one piece is a piece of coral, does that hold any type of dna?

Q3, have you heard of Steven Gibbs? and his hdr machine? it has been told that time travel can occur with this machine if its energies are essentially piggy-backed with another energy vortex already occurring naturally around the globe (well…naturally to us, even though its probably some type of extremely ancient technology setup a long long time ago by people a tad smarter than myself). I then thought maybe some type of torsion field “amplifier” can be created via the same means, thoughts on this?

Q4, is there any danger in using the neo’s?…i only ask because stewart swerdlow (do you know that name? Montauk survivor…lots of video’s on youtube) took one look at steve gibbs hdr machine and said it was dangerous as it may damage an organ or even a chakra (sp?…sorry its late lol). At the very core or center idea of each unit they both are a type of technology assistance to your subconscious/higher self. So if i’m making an incorrect connection between the two it comes from that thought and that thought alone…..

Q5, time travel question. Suppose you went back a year or so in time (on the same time line) and changed a major event that happened to yourself, would you have a major memory blank when returned to real time? And would you have any idea how that would happen? on both ends…how does one enter and return to different times? do they see a light/tunnel and enter….i know you probably have no idea, but you’d be in a way better position to answer these then myself, since you have contact with supersoldiers that may have experienced such…..

Q6, I’ve heard major rumblings of the illuminati, cabal, Zionists or whatever you choose to call them starting to breakdown very rapidly from within. Have you heard this? my source…www.lightworkersxm.wordpress.com (from there a link can be followed to an 8 part story of the ruling elites demise, i believe a steve beckow wrote the piece, i felt it was a great read…and hope its true!

if so, do you feel you’ve had a part in it??

i know I’ve burned up the keyboard with this email, feel free to answer any, all, none of what i wrote and/or asked……whatever you feel is appropriate. Also would you like a good lottery story on your site, i question that only because one big win using the neo would blow up your company by quite a large amount undoubtedly if the “winner” name drops the device as the reason why he/she won. i just started using a triad with the lottery ticket in the middle and i pick only one set of numbers. I’ve tried this once and had every person really focus on each number, the first time this was done, i had the Powerball number and one other correct, i plan on doing this again…i will certainly let you know the outcome…would you like the credit if anything crazy ends up happening? up to you, i can respect the fact if you choose to remain a bit under cover….

Think of the Neo as a reality generator. It helps make your dreams and desires come true.

The Neo design is based on technology from the guardians of the galactic federation of light. They released it to humanity to counteract the dark cabals technology which is attempting to usurp our freewill.

you don’t need people for the triad. Just put neos or crystal skulls around you. heck you can use some favorite potted plants if you don’t mind working with the plant spirits.

You don’t need a neo on the lap of anyone really but it makes it stronger.Remember the more chi energy you put into something the stronger and faster it comes true.

Coral is carbon based and contains crystals yes. but human hair is better cause its already human DNA and you most likely resonate with human DNA more so then coral.

don’t use a HDR ive had other clients who used it and ended up schizophrenic and wanted me to help them. sadly they refused to meditate with their cube because the voices in his head claimed the neo was evil. THE HDR opens portals allowing any spirit to enter both good and bad. the Neo is based on sacred geometry and only allows good spirits to work with you.

if you went back in time to kill your father and came back nothing would change because there are infinite timelines and parallel universes. ive never put much thought as to how you skip timelines. I just do it. Ask my guides and guardian angels to open doors and synchronicities and all you got to do is step through.

I don’t know the future honestly its up to us to write the script through our freewill. The cabal wants to see martial law and the breakup of the united states but does the people of america want that? well time will tell if the accept that choice in their lives.

Iv had clients had close calls with lottery tickets. One lady mediated with the cube and soon after had a dream and her mother gave her the 5 numbers for the next day drawing , but she was busy and unable to purchase a ticket. and it was the winning number and would have won $5,000.



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