The Neo Cube is Almost too Strong

James I have been sharing my cube alot and many people are excited for the product.some go straight into vertical time star gate mode as soon as they touch it Lol.

The neo cube is almost too strong for some situations  Friend got shorted a gram from another friend, i gave the slighted-violet,red,orange,yellow flame. Idk-i ended up meeting that girl the seller left over-but my friend went out and got arrested-again. I feel guilty, i felt like he was being a bum and wasn’t really trying to offer anything to our giant stew of dreams. I wanted him not to stay and the future ensued. Take care! I hope you have fun! Jesus, create an alias if you want and go pretend to the Illuminati or something  I wanna know what sort of random occurrences you manifest on the daily Lol. Life almost seems to be about figuring out, really what do i want?

Super soldier talk, interview, healing session, dance music, cuisine, book signing, film making, neological tech. What are you doing in Vegas? lol. I bet you could sell neos easy in vegas Lol. Just talk to the wealthy Asians ha ha. Or people wearing jewelry crystals)… Not gaudy ha ha  Or animal lovers may understand easily as well. Have fun James! Rock this world! Vegas thought they knew, rite?


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