192 Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness

192 Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness

“Darrell’s dedication and knowledge of the sound frequency is profound. The CD experience can be felt in the body as I listen to the harmonics from Darrell. I am so grateful for his work and offerings.” –Oceanna


This set of 24 CD’s is the “Heart of this Work.”
These Fundamental Frequencies of Consciousness are talked about in the Vedas – the Hindu text of Creation and which the Science of Life – Ayurveda – is based; they clear the frequency points which stress accumulates at the level of the mind: most accomplished practitioners believe that conditions we refer to as illness and dis-ease start as a stress point in the mind and then manifest in the body. These frequencies are believed to be the subjective and objective aspects of consciousness – of each and every individual. In terms of vibration: the stress blocks the frequencies, which are supporting the organ or tissue. Very intense!


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