Quantum Energies

James I love Quantum Energies, and have a QXCI and Indigo biofeedback systems, and other light therapies. The Soft Laser I bought from “I Love My Laser.com” I had used awhile.  A friend loaned it to me and I actually cleared an ulcer from my eye and a tailbone sensitivity.  So, after those experiences we did go to San Diego and purchase one.  It helps with lots of tissue and bone issues.
Since each case has its own reasons for the problem, one would need to use different settings. There are some settings (180 approx.) for  different reasons.  I have read in the testimonials that the bones of a crushed ankle found their way back to each other and healed.  Its marvelous but if a person uses the laser long enough, the body does the work ad heals itself. 
Go to “I Love My Laser.com and send in the question.  Also, if I were you and wanted information I would ask the office for a testimonials booklet and a clinical testing and evaluation booklet.  They have lots of great information.
Now, with the Neo cube, a different level of growth is offered.  I do meditate and study St. Germain/Jesus/Cosmic Director teachings and a have interesting events on occasion.  I would appreciate trying out  the strongest tool you offer .  I would like to use it and allow a certain professional friend (biofeedback) to use it and also to help her son. I don’t know if the “80” is the strongest or?? Any help and information would be appreciate.
The Gate Key IDL80 is the most powerful unit we sell its core is 80 layers of metals and the size of a basketball. It also has nearly 8,000 cones compared to 250 for the IDL22. The more cones the more chi energy it produces.  Ive got one on my website that does not have the crystal skulls in it. Its a really strong unit and if you want something cheaper that may be a option. I personally use the IDL22 gate key simply because I am sensitive to chi energy. 
You could start with the skullem device then upgrade to a IDL80 if you prefer. 




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