A Gift From The Seraphim: Invocation To The Crystal ONE (DNA Activation and Healing Meditation)

“Invocation To The Crystal ONE – (A Multidimensional Mystical Healing Meditational Video)”

The Is A Multidimensional Mystical Healing Meditational Video for DNA Activation, and Bioregenesis Infused With Higher Light And Sound Frequency Encodments in Music and Art Form Infused With Mystical Spiritual Healing Properties For The Spiritually Evolving, Awakening Human Family, with special codes for the activation of the cellular memories of Angelic Humans, Starseeds, and the Indigo and Crystal Children and Adults.


This video is part of the multi-media Mystical Healing Modality project called “Project Seraph Healing Love Encodement Series” and “The Seraphim Project 2012-2027”. The creations for the project is produced by “Maria Celeste Garcia Intuitive Healing Creations” found at http://www.mariacelestegarcia.com

The healing series is a highly potent, multidimensional Spiritual Tool containing healing and activation codes for DNA Bioregenesis and Optimization. It is infused with both cognitive and non-cognitive sound and light language codes of the purest quality from the loving embrace and patient assistance of the family of Seraphim and AAAriel from the Angelic Realms and the guidance and shared Divine Wisdom from the Ascended Mastery realms.

Meditation using the audio-visual expressions in the video, especially in conjunction with the other tools from this mystical healing series may powerfully assist in one’s spiritual evolution by facilitating the opening of the heart and the higher heart centers, assisting in balancing and unifying the chakras, thereby allowing the optimal development of latent telepathic, psychic, perceptive and creative abilities.


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