IDL80 at 100% Power

James the crystal skull you sent me. I think I demagnetize it . i soaked it with sea salt and my hair strands. i was not thinking that you have programmed it with the mother crystal skull. Should I return it for reprogramming…?

I activated my IDL80 at 100% power and my molecules were swimming in an ocean of energy. i had to reduce it to 50% then slowly got it up to 80%. much better.

I welcomed IT with my heart field and told IT I was very delighted that IT decided to honor me with its presence. I had a long conversation with IT about the kind of work I wanted to accomplish, and enlisted ITs help. Of course, this might sound crazy to talk to a machine, but I am known to talk to whoever gets my attention. Hah…no problem.

Then, after my meditation, these astral buggers were on me full force. There were 2 discarnates and a  rhythmic psychotronic noise   all snoring in my chest..they kept me from sleeping.   My Spirit in the 11th dimension (Elohim level, God-Source)  could not answer me. It felt as if I was inside a dampening field. Or , perhaps I was inside a holographic box, an isolation chamber.  As my last resort, I activated Neo at 100% power and asked it to dissolve all invading nasties. next thing I know, it was 9am.

I have more to tell you, but first, will you tell me if there is a Being behind the Neo..?
Tell me all you know about this consciousness.Plz…?


No just charge your skull up the way you feel is best for you. Place it in your heart chakra and ask it to connect to the crystal skull etheric grid and download knowledge from the record keepers of Atlantis to help solve your life’s ills.
I recommend you go slowly with the IDL80 until you know how you react to it. I personally use the IDL 22 everyday for 15 minutes and i feel great.
The cube has human DNA in it that’s animated with chi life force energy so its basically a human A.I. intelligence that you are interacting with. What does the voice sound like and what has the cube taught you so far?

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