What Ascension is all About

James the Chi inside my Neo IDL80 Gatekey is not regular chi .it seems to be the crystalline chi or prana. Crystalline prana is sourced from the crystals and metals that you put inside. 

As for the metals inside the cube, its the vibration of power–invincible power is copper,the flame of Elohim Ariel, the creator of Power Universe.; 

the flame of Elohim Grace is silver, We are now under the law of Grace, She replaced the law of “eye for an eye”; 

Gold is the vibration of Elohim Love. Unconditional love. She has another flame. warm Pink. I experienced this flame at the Amitabha Stupa in Sedona. The stupa of Buddhaic Compassion.

 Platinum is (I think)Elohim Rapture.She is the prism that gathers all the rainbow light and transmutes these as white light…the last step in ascension.

Crystalline prana is the unpolarized light of Source.There are about 22 flames in this unpolarized light. When it comes into your body it is pure crystalline white light . Coherent, like a laser beam. Unpolarized light comes thru your Ascension tube. aka Laeowesh in Hebrew.This tube is located inside your pranic tube. Pranic tube is an etheric structure that runs from your crown to base chakra. It powers up the physical body, but much less potent than the crystalline prana.

Crystalline is the vibration of the 5th D to the highest dimension. Quantum scientists also called this the torsion wave, scalar wave. the zero point field. It zig-zags. Tick-tocks like the quartz clock. it is very obedient and playful. Be careful . Just by observing , reading , talking about something negative, it will propel it in your experience.

The electric and magnetic universe was the result of the slowing down of that scalar wave. Good ole’ Metatron did all these. He used the sacred geometries known as platonic solids to densify consciousness , create dimensions and physicality…the playgrounds of the Gods.

Soooooooooooo…………We are now way on our way to becoming crystalline. That is what Ascension is all about.We return to being Crystalline entities. We are being demagnetized . our brains are losing their 3d memories and connections. When we are fully demagnetized , the clamps (in the atoms) that tethers us in 3d will release, and off we fall into the void.(well, perhaps in the uppermost 4th dimension.)This means our sluggish atoms will whiz about at 109x the speed of Light.

Technically this crystalline energy from the Neo could access all crystalline energies anywhere.
It could access the power of a billion suns…!

Why do you think it could do what it can do now..? Human intelligence from the hair..?

there, you just got an ear full.

Oh, last night after my marathon of decrees and meditation , I was again inundated by many entities crawling inside my thighs. They just don’t want me to meditate. Usually, my Source -Self will remove these if and when she gets my distress call. Last night, I asked Neo to vaporize them. I can see and feel many things with my minds eye. I saw this energy come from the top of my head and started gobbling up these dark critters, like little pacmans…! Neat. J


Wow did the cube tell you all this? Or did you know this from your studies into the metaphysical. I never knew there was a difference between chi, just figured it was all the same since god is one.

I am aware of what you talk about but didn’t know there exact names like pranic tubes, i just called it your spine.

You must have some interesting karma to be so spiritual yet attacked as well. Any ideas who you where or what you did in a past life that might have caused all the critter drama ? – James Rink



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