Got the Cube!

Hey James my Gatekey22 came in sooner than I thought. Did first meditation today. I’ve only meditated maybe 5 times in my life. I put on some hemi synch headphones for about 15 minutes. This thing works! I was impressed, I now have to make sure I don’t spend too much time meditating now it’s awesome.

I felt tingling sensations and the chi flow pretty soon. I accidentally touched it a couple times and had to restart and I also had to keep opening my eyes to know the commands, but I still got into a trance and was floating through space. Weird things were going on but I have no meditation experience really so it’s hard to judge what’s normal as of yet. I saw a lot of dark blues and some electric white and blues as if some scene was trying to present itself.
My requests were to recover some abduction memories but if not, then for my higher/god self to show me something helpful. My eyes rolled to the back of my head instinctively and quivered for a while, but I was relaxed and calm enjoying the cool sensations. Then I saw a tall shadow stick thing move across, it was very clear and scared me. I tried blinking to see if it was just my eyes, but it was a psychic perception. 
I opened my eyes because I was scared, heart pounding, starting to sweat. I looked over my shoulder. I gave it a few more minutes but I was too anxious so I decided to wait until tomorrow for session #2. I’m glad I spent my money on this I’m already addicted, thanks for making it available.



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