TSA Broke my Crystal Skull

On my way from New York to Sacramento , someone went into my luggage and broke my crystal skull. He was in a box and triple wrapped in bubble wrap and the box was in the center of my luggage away from the sides. After getting off the plane I traveled 3 hours north to Mt Shasta and open my luggage to find 9 teeth falling out.

Usually TSA inserts a flyer in my luggage to let me know they been poking around. This time i didn’t get the flyer. So someone opened the box, read the letter to be careful, broke the skull, then put the broken pieces back without notifying me to avoid liability.

I contacted american airlines, they say its not their fault and tell me to contact the airport and have them inspect the luggage  , within 24 hours of course. I tell them i don’t have a car and no way to get to the airport in that time. They say oh well.




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