Secret Method to Open the 3rd Eye within 7 days

An open Third Eye; what would you do with it? The first thing I´ve done with it is develop this free 7 day program for you! Headphones are required! If you follow the steps of this program correctly; within 7 days you will, guaranteed, experience:

Co-incidences / Luck; you will attract the people, the information, the lessons and anything else that can assist you solve your problems or allow you to experience your desires (If they are in your best interest in the long run). You will be put into the right direction.

Silence of the mind; the chatter inside of you will stop and you will have mental clarity. Headaches belong to the past and your capability to focus will increase intensely, allowing you to focus on solving your problems. You will also obtain a higher understanding of how the universe communicates with you, in a natural way.

You will develop Psychic abilities; it depends on the individual the receptiveness / willingness to experience spiritual powers. Real spiritual abilities will come overtime; the ability to see and manipulate the field of energy for example; who knows what kind of surprises will be waiting for you.

This method is what I have used myself with success and today as a thanks to the countless kind emails and responses I have been honored to receive, I will share it with you.

If you want a studio quality download of this exclusive meditation tape; you can make a donation to (paypal) & contact me at

The frequency that energizes the Third Eye is 288Hz. The word that programs the Chi/ Prana life force inside of you to activate your Third Eye / Midbrain / Pineal Gland is „M”. When you pitch the word „M” to 288Hz, you not only activate but also energize; compounding the effect.

The use of Isochronic tones is to assist you in achieving more relaxed mental states, to tap into the field of energy it is key to get out of the all-day „Beta” brain state.

The Binaural beats assist you in balancing your right and left brain hemispheres, very important as the Third Eye really starts to work when both hemispheres work together.

The Isochronic tones and Binaural beats in this meditation program are tuned to 288Hz, creating a one-of-a-kind 3D Sound effect. This effect is specifically important because it allows you to naturally focus your attention within your brain. You can just follow the circling sound when using your headphones. The ability to focus within the space of the brain is very important because the focus distributes the energy.

Use at own risk. Do not use this program when you are:
Pregnant, epileptic, have a pacemaker, qre prone to seizures or are photosensitive.

  1. Fetez Barnes said:

    James have you or anyone tried this video I sent you?

  2. abu-bakarr said:

    ay can bro, can you resend the link for the vid? Bliss

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